7K Metals US MS70 Silver & Gold Subscription Coin Dealer For Over 50s Launched

A popular coin subscription program has announced a new range of coin series for collectors and precious metal enthusiasts.

7K Metals, a company specializing in precious metal assets, has announced an updated subscription program for coin collectors and precious metal enthusiasts. The program offers a range of exclusive collector coins, including those designed by Miles Standish, the former Senior Vice President of Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC).

More details can be found at http://go.lethutchhelp.com/a7kmetals

Currently, the program includes subscriptions for a range of coin series, including the US State Label Graded 1oz Silver Eagle Series, the US State Animal Series Graded 1oz Silver Coin Series, the State Animal Graded ½ Gram Gold Coin Series, and the Roots of Humanity 1/200th Troy Ounce Gold Notes series.

The subscription program is designed to make it easy for individuals to build a collection of high-quality coins, and offers several benefits for those over 50, explains the company. For one, it allows them to add to their collection on a regular basis, rather than having to make one-time purchases that may be more expensive. In addition, the program offers a convenient way for individuals to acquire coins that may be difficult to find elsewhere.

An important advantage of the program – especially for individuals approaching retirement age – is the opportunity to diversify their assets. Owning precious metal assets can provide a sense of security and stability, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. By subscribing to the program, individuals can add a range of precious metal coins to their portfolio, thus diversifying their assets and potentially mitigating risk.

The subscription program also offers the opportunity to acquire coins that may appreciate in value over time. Many coins, particularly those with historical or sentimental value, can increase in value as they become more scarce or in demand.

Interested parties can find more information at http://go.lethutchhelp.com/a7kmetalsstore

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