72 Sold Now Officially in Orlando

Esteemed Orlando Real Estate Agent Cece Wong is now Offering the Innovative ‘Sell Your Home in 72 Hours’ Program to Orlando Homeowners.

Esteemed Orlando Real Estate Agent Cece Wong is now Offering the Innovative ‘Sell Your Home in 72 Hours’ Program to Orlando Homeowners.

One of Orlando, Florida’s top real estate agents, Cece Wong, has recently announced her official certification within the nationally renowned 72 Sold home selling program. This announcement makes Cece one of Florida’s only providers within the ‘Sell Your Home in 72 Hours’ system, which undoubtedly is a major step forward for the state’s overall real estate engagement.

Cece currently leads The Highland Group and holds her real estate license under La Rosa Realty Premier, and her new certification with 72 Sold Orlando is a turning point for the entire city’s real estate industry!

72 Sold Orlando will function very differently than most traditional real estate conventions, and this is predominately because the system’s certified agents will be actively utilizing front-loaded marketing strategies that allow homeowners to enter a very competitive bidding scenario that helps secure high asking prices and completed transactions ALL WITHIN THREE DAYS OF SHOWING THE PROPERTY!

One the main strategies within this home selling program is genuinely instilling a sense of urgency within potential buyers, which subsequently leads to higher sale prices and easier selling processes for those who join in with Cece’s program. 72 Sold Orlando makes everything really simplified for homeowners putting their property on the market with a three-step process including setting your price, establishing your desired weekend, and then picking your offer.

This innovative program truly changes the entire experience of selling your home, and the system and overall strategies Cece and other 72 Sold real estate experts utilize make everything a breeze for homeowners. Cece and her team will be able to quickly and efficiently identify potential Orlando home buyers prior to putting a listing on the market, and will utilize inventive marketing techniques that advertise a homeowner’s property very effectively.

By combining both targeted marketing and upfront advertising with a relatively short opportunity window for potential buyers, homeowners will inevitably see a significant flooding of interest towards their listing that’ll offer competitive bids. 72 Sold Orlando is changing the entire landscape of the real estate industry by compressing the real estate sales process from months and even years to just a few days!

The overall competitive environment that this cutting edge real estate strategy invokes will consistently lead to higher offers because buyers are pressed with a deadline that causes them to more efficiently make a decision on whether or not they’d like to put in an offer.

“This is a dramatic improvement over the traditional home sale process because it consistently results in faster sales at higher prices,” said Greg Hague, the CEO and Founder of the 72 Hour Home Selling Program. “It’s so good, it’s even been featured in Forbes, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox Television.”

By identifying every potential buyer prior to a home going on the market and creating a lot of excitement, as well as a sense of urgency, the 72 Sold Orlando team led by Cece Wong is excited to provide Orlando homeowners with higher offers in a much more efficient selling time frame.

To get a price on your home with the 72 Sold Orlando team, go to: https://72soldorlando.com/

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