70 Second Workout Modern Lifestyle Intense ISOfitness Fitness System Launched

A new fitness training system has been launched, called ISOfitness. It uses a scientific approach to condense the effectiveness of a 30 minute gym session into a 70 second workout.

A new fitness system and workout system has been launched, geared towards the busy modern lifestyle, helping people to achieve higher levels of fitness. ISOfitness. ISOfitness is a revolutionary and fully tested new fitness system that is geared towards getting results in as little as a minute a day.

More information can be found at: http://isofitness.us – or at the ISOfitness app page on the Google Play store.

With the ISOfitness system, even people who claim they have no time to exercise can still manage to benefit from their 70 Second Difference Workout breakthrough. It even means that people can exercise without leaving their desk.

Even with just 70 seconds of highly focused total body exercise a day, people can dramatically increase muscle tone, muscle mass, and strength.

If you have only a few seconds more time to spare, then with an ISOfitness workout lasting between just 126 and 180 seconds, a user can get a workout that is just as effective as a traditional 30 minute gym session, and all through applying focus and intensity.

Expert fitness coach and 4-time martial arts Black Belt, Brian Sterling-Vete, says that even if people have no time for the traditional gym session they love, they should replace it with a highly focused ISOfitness 70 second total-body workout instead.

The more intensity and focus people apply to each exercise, the faster they get results. Soon, the body learns to crave for even more exercise.

There are over 5,500 independent experiments that prove the effectiveness of advanced ISOfitness exercises. The ISOfitness system was produced by veteran British strength and fitness guru, Brian Sterling-Vete, who trained with and coached the four-time World’s Strongest Man, Jon Pall Sigmarsson of Iceland.

He has combined the proven science of advanced isometrics, with the results of experiments in ultra-high intensity short burst training lasting a maximum of only 10 seconds, by Professor Jamie Timmons of Nottingham University.

Through using the new ISOfitness system, people can get much fitter and stronger faster, and without ever having to leave their desk. This can be highly beneficial in today’s world, where so many people have little or no time to exercise, and are struggling with health and fitness.

Full details on the system can be found on the URL’s above.

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