7 Questions to Ask About Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Glen Allen, VA Released

Those preparing for a kitchen or bathroom remodel can visit the Leo Lantz Construction, Inc. website for a downloadable guide to seven important questions to ask prospective contractors.

Leo Lantz Construction, Inc. has released a free download to help homeowners who are looking for top-quality remodeling services. The PDF brochure lists the top seven questions to ask before choosing a kitchen or bath remodeler. The download and information about Leo Lantz’s full list of services can be found on the company’s website, https://leolantz.com.

One of the most important things that homeowners should do is make sure that any potential home remodeling contractor is licensed to work in the owner’s state and fully covered by insurance for liability and workers’ compensation. Licensed contractors are trained to meet city and federal building code requirements. Liability insurance is to protect the homeowner and the home for injury or damage.

The reputation of the home remodeling company and the trust customers have in them matter. Homeowners should ask to see examples of a remodeler’s work. Any reputable contractor will be proud of their projects, and they’ll readily provide examples that show the quality of their work. Check the company’s online presence. Most likely, there will be customer reviews and testimonials.

It is also important to ask about the company’s warranty or workmanship guarantee. Kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects can have challenges. Many factors are involved in remodeling projects and things can go wrong. How the contractor handles any potential issues plays a major role in the success of a project and, more importantly, the satisfaction of the client.

When asked about the importance of the guide, owner Leo Lantz said, “The topics in this guide provide you the inside scoop about the questions you should ask before having any sort of work done on your home. You will also find the types of answers you should expect to hear from a qualified kitchen and bathroom remodeler. Getting complete answers to each of these questions is critical to a successful project.”

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