5G Protection Harmful EMF Radiation Neutralizer Devices Home Car Range Launched

A new product range from Aulterra global has been launched to help people looking for protection from harmful EMF radiation such as 5G at home and on the go.

Aulterra Global has announced the launch of its products, which protect people from harmful electromagnetic frequency radiation such as 5G.

More information is available at https://battleemfradiation.com

The newly launched products were created by Aulterra Global’s founder and home inventor, Kim Dandurand, who wanted to help protect people from the radiation emitted from cell phones and other electronic devices.

Kim Dandurand first began studying the effects of EMF radiation in 1996, when he started noticing changes in his children’s health and was searching for an explanation.

As cell phones and computers were becoming more common in the home, Kim Dandurand wondered if this was connected to his children’s health changes. He soon discovered that harmful EMF radiation was emitted from cellphones and many other electronic devices both in and outside the home.

EMF radiation comes in two types. Ionizing and non-ionizing, with non-ionizing coming from day to day devices like cellphones. Over the past 50 years, the use of non-ionizing emitting devices has increased dramatically, with 5G towers being installed worldwide.

The non-ionizing EMF radiation is a form of radio-wave frequency and extremely low-frequency radiation, which has been linked to a variety of health conditions, including cancer, neurological disease, infertility, and depression.

After 15 years of research and hard work, Dandurand developed the Neutralizer. The Neutralizer is a product that counters the EMF frequencies and protects humans from the effects.

Aulterra Global’s products utilize the Neutralizer system in practical forms for use in people’s daily lives. These items are even more vital as 5G use becomes more prominent around the world.

The Energy Pendant from Aulterra Global gives wearers personal protection from EMF radiation. The pendant’s benefits include retuning the ambient EMF radiation in and around the body, neutralizing incoming EMF radiation, and promoting the balance of the wearer’s meridians.

Aulterra Global also offers its Aulterra Whole Home USB product for people wanting to protect their family at home. With many devices around a household emitting EMF radiation, the whole house USB can neutralize the home up to 5,000 square feet.

The company has also launched Aulterra Whole Car USB to neutralize the internal EMF emissions from devices in a car such as DVD players and cell phones, as well as external radiation from passing sources, including 5G towers.

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