52 Best Mountain Peak Climbs Red Rock Canyon Online Hiking Site Launched

A hiking group focusing on climbs around the Las Vegas area, the 52 Peak Club, has launched a site providing information about its unique hiking schedule, rules of membership, hiking challenge hints and tips, and more.

The 52 Peak Club, a unique hiking group that sees experienced hikers leading members on daily guided hikes to 52 various peaks around the Las Vegas area, has launched a site providing its hiking schedule and other information. Membership benefits and details and further information can be found on the website: http://52peakclub.com.

The 52 Peak Club offers a unique schedule of climbs to more peaks, and to what it says are the 52 best peaks in the Las Vegas area, including Red Rock Canyon, Mt Charleston and Lake Mead, than any other hiking club; some of the climbs are not offered by other hiking clubs. Hikes are offered almost every day, unless in the case of bad weather, and often there will be 10 hikes available across each weekend. A link to the full up-to-date schedule is always available on the site to meetup.com, through which the hikes are scheduled.

Founded in 2011 by experienced hiker Branch Whitney, the 52 Peak Club aims to help its members become better hikers and improve their self confidence, whilst getting them into better shape. There is a compulsory fitness assessment, available via the site, that new members must complete, and pass, before gaining full membership to the group. Whitney has authored five hiking guide books, led over 8,000 hikers to peaks and has consulted to REI, National Travel Writers, Zappos, and more.

The challenge for members of the 52 Peak Club is to complete each of the the 52 peak climbs as determined by the club. Completion of each peak earns the member a card, until they’ve collected all 52 cards (likened to a deck of cards). Upon completion of all 52 climbs, the member automatically becomes a ’53er’, of which there are currently 121 listed on the website. The complete 52 peak climbing rules are also available on the site.

There is no time limit for completion, members may take a few months, a year or several years. With hikes scheduled almost every day it’s possible for a member to complete a climb each weekend, to finish in a year. A blog can be found on the site offering useful tips and hints to climbers, with plenty of images from previous climbs.

Feedback from members has been positive, generally with regards to feelings of self confidence, motivation and a sense of achievement, but also with regards to what most people say is a significant improvement to their health and fitness. New friendships have also been formed because of the association with like minded people within the group, having similar goals of conquering the peaks. A series of member testimonials are provided on the website.

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