4B DRN Searches For Champions To Restore The Lives Of Houston Bay Area Families

4BDRN is seeking 1,000 Champions of Change to make it possible for 500 families to be restored to safe, secure, and sanitary homes in the Houston Bay Area. Join the cause and change lives today.

4B Disaster Response Network announced today a search for 1,000 Champions to take up the cause of restoring 500 homes among the 600,000+ residents in the Houston Bay Area bordered by the Beltway (north) the Beach (south) Brazoria County (west) and to the Bay (east)..

4B Disaster Response Network Executive Director John Eckeberger says the needs being experienced among these families have never been more immediate, especially during these months of pandemic impact. He said most of the 500 families have been left to live in homes still bearing the ill effects of disastrous flooding. Rooms shut off due to outside exposure, walls containing mold due to 4 feet of standing water damage, not to mention the lack of security and sanitation.

He said anyone who steps up as a Champion for Family Disaster Response will know their $50 monthly donation makes it possible for a neighboring family to recover not only lodging but a sense of dignity and value from their community.

For only $50 monthly you become the Champion for a family home restoration among those in the Houston area still needing recovery from Hurricane Harvey devastation. Champions have restored 1,768 homes in our community and requests for almost 500 marginalized families plead with us daily for a safe, secure, and sanitary home. Most have lost hope any one cares, until a Champion like you appears.

4B Disaster Response Network is seeking a total of 1,000 Champions in order to continue without interruption the disaster restoration for children and families that is so vitally needed to bring strength and stability to area communities and neighborhoods. A one time gift of $50 is matched with the hands-on skills of volunteers. A Champion $50 gift monthly multiplies into a value of thousands when coupled with the volunteers working for weekends, weeks, holidays, and spare time supplying the labor force to bring a change to the lives of their neighbors and friends.

The Mission of 4BDRN

The 4B Disaster Response Network (4B DRN) exists to mobilize a network of churches, business partners, local agencies, and caring individuals to reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ by serving people affected by disaster in the 4B area (from the Beltway to the Beach and the Bay to Brazoria County.) Business partners, local agencies and community support play a vital role in our mission through the generosity of in-kind donations, monetary gifts and volunteer assistance.

About 4B Disaster Response Network

4B DRN is a non-profit 501(c)(3) formed by over 30 faith-based organizations immediately following Hurricane Harvey and was tasked with rebuilding homes in Southern Harris County and Galveston County, and to prepare the area for future disasters. Donations are greatly appreciated, tax deductible, and overseen by the Board of Directors. Donate HERE and become a Champion HERE.

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