3X Fatloss Uncovers Facts to Lose Belly Fat Permanently

Ariix has defied convention in the Belly Fatloss market with the release of the 3X Fatloss System. Further information can be found at https://da241.isrefer.com/go/3XFLFS/a274/ and http://www.3xfatloss.com

Earlier this year, Ariix finally announced the release of 3X Fatloss – it’s the new weight loss program which primarily focuses on helping men to Lose Belly Fat. It has been in development since Jan 2013. The main aim is to be the last fat loss program men will ever use. This is because customers will learn how and why various foods can either help or stop their fat loss. This program will make men feel confident in their ability to lose fat permanently…. but it will do so, with a difference.

Bonnie Couture, Senior Supervisor at Ariix Canada, says: “The company wanted to try something new with 3X Fatloss. Anyone familiar with the Weight Loss market will probably have noticed how everyone else gives people some information but not enough to allow them to understand fully how to take control of their health – they leave out the “Why” piece. This is a problem because it does not give their customers the knowledge base and understanding that inspires their conviction to lose belly fat and keep it off once and for all.”

So, as a welcome breath of fresh air, 3X Fatloss will instead educate men to understand the process of how it will all work. The 3X development team consists of experts in the medical arena, a nutritionist, physical fitness gurus and a biochemist. This four-phased program includes an extremely comprehensive nutritional education package and also recommends nutritional products created by Ariix specifically to provide natural whole-food nutrients that provide dense and optimal cellular nutrition. When the body’s cells have their nutritional needs met, fat loss is much more possible; leaving program participants totally confident to obtain and maintain control of their bodies and their health. 3X Fatloss was created through three years of research and development to ensure that the information provided was evidence-based and was based upon the most up-to date methodology available from cutting-edge clinical studies. 3X has not left out any details vital to the health and well-being of their customers. It was named 3X because in a clinical study done during the early developmental phase of Ariix products, the use of the supplements recommended were seen to increase fat loss up to 3 times of those participants who did not take them. Thus the complete 3X Fatloss program was born!

Bonnie Couture also said “3X fatloss want to give their customers the most total experience and education available on the market today so that they can look and feel their best in ultimate health. It is so much more than just a weight loss program – it is a lifestyle change that will serve to keep people healthy throughout their lives! With 3X Fatloss, people with excess belly fat have a fresh new possibility. They will feel full of energy! Men who get into the program start to see belly fat disappearing and rejoice at how much their bodies are changing for the better. They feel vibrant and full of life! Never again will clients struggle with what to eat and why! Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk worth taking.”

Ariix has been in Canada for just three years and the 3X Fatloss program has been made available to the public since January of 2016. Ariix was established in 2011 to develop the best nutritional supplements on the market. The company has grown to provide the best quality natural products in a variety of health promotion areas. Since Day 1, the vision of Ariix has always been to provide the opportunity for optimal health through all six of their product lines.

3X Fatloss was launched in January 2016 in affiliation with Ariix. For further information about 3X Fatloss, click on this link: https://da241.isrefer.com/go/3XFLFS/a274/

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