3n Strategy defines “What is HR Analytics” to help workforce decision-making

"What is HR Analytics?" is answered in a new 'Definitive Guide To HR Analytics and People Analytics', by global consultancy firm 3n Strategy. Authored by Nigel Dias - HR analytics expert.

What is HR Analytics?” – This is the question answered in the new ‘Definitive Guide To HR Analytics and People Analytics’, by global consultancy firm 3n Strategy as it increases its efforts to help organisations around the world use their HR data to improve the way they make decisions about their workforces.

3n Strategy Managing Director, Nigel Dias, said:

“For years organisations have talked about how important their employees but not necessarily showing that when big decisions are made. If nothing else, 2020 has exposed how ill equipped organisations are at making workforce decisions under pressure, and how years of flawed decision-making have resulted in inequality. Right now every organisation in the world is being forced to make decisions about getting people back to work, about being more inclusive and fair, in addition to all the hundreds of decisions they were already making. They can make every single one of those choices better if they use HR analytics and data to inform their decision-making.”

3n Strategy, a UK consultancy founded in 2012 that delivers projects across North America and Europe, specialises in enabling organisations to make better decisions about their people, by supplementing business and HR expertise with evidence created from their historic data.

Dias, who is also the Chair of HR Analytics ThinkTank, continued:

“All organisations capture vast quantities of data about their workforces but most fail to use it to make better decisions about the future. Our research into how organisations were making HR decisions during the early stages of the COVID crisis showed a wide range of data uses by organisations around the world. Unfortunately 58% of HR analytics teams said that their organisations were not using them to their full potential, meaning those organisations were more likely to make worse decisions at the time when people decision-making matters most.”

3n Strategy is set to grow this year and release its new ‘HR Decision Making Playbook’, following the demand from organisations to use their data to make more informed decisions about the future.

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