3D Printing Added to Lakeland Plastic’s List of Custom Services

?Lakeland Plastics, Inc., adds 3D printing to its extensive line of Custom Plastic Extrusion Services. Additive manufacturing technologies can quickly create tangible parts that allow individuals to touch, feel and assess their design.

Lakeland Plastics manufactures custom plastic extrusions and has recently added 3D printing to its list of custom plastic extrusion services.

The term 3D or three dimensional printing encompasses a number of different manufacturing technologies which are most known for creating custom parts for various products by carefully “printing” a 3D from by layering plastic on layers of plastic. Additive manufacturing technologies are designed to build tangible parts in a short amount of time that one is able to hold to better appraise their design features.

The process can include a number of different colors and the types of shapes is nearly limitless. 3D printing has become increasingly popular recently because it is a fast, easy, and low cost way to produce plastic parts using 3D CAD data.

Christopher Arendt, the President of Lakeland Plastics, reported, “We made the decision to add 3D printing services after customers mentioned that it would be nice to see how their new extruded plastic part would actually look and function before committing to the purchase of a new Plastic Extrusion Die. Now our customers can see their part, hold it in their hands and be sure they are making the right decision.”

Because 3D printing does not require any tooling, it is an excellent method for creating a sample part. The only thing that 3D printing requires is the actual engineering design which allows for a fast turnaround time, usually less than a week after the part is requested.

“Since the cost of 3D printing is so economical many customers are going this route to prototype their new parts, with some going so far as to actually place small initial orders produced from the 3D printing process,” said Arendt, “It has been a valuable addition to the extensive line of services offered by Lakeland Plastics.”

Lakeland Plastics is offering 3D printing so that clients are able to see proofs of concept prototypes before the part goes into full production so that they may pre-approve of parts based on the sample.

About Lakeland Plastics, Inc.

Lakeland Plastics, Inc. was first established in 1962 and has its headquarters in Mundelein, Illinois. They have over 50 years plastic extrusions industry experience during which time Lakeland built up a reputation for exceptional quality, outstanding customer service, and knowledgeable advice offered for extruded plastic profiles.

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