3D Photo Crystal Engraved Elegant Glass Design Occasion Cards Site Launched

A new site offering a large range of unique, elegant and high quality crystal and glass cards and gifts has been launched. The site is ideal for anyone looking for a gift for wedding or engagement gifts, or other occasions.

A new site has been launched offering a variety of high quality, unique and expressive glass cards. Elite Glass Cards has an array of different styles to choose from with the option to customize the message too. The cards are made from exquisite crystal and glass and are available for the likes of birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards and other occasions. The site is ideal for anyone wanting to buy their partner, family member or friend a card that is elegant, unique and personal.

For more information, visit: http://eliteglasscards.com

Elite Glass Cards is a business that started out designing glass wedding invitations over 10 years ago, and has now expanded into other stylish and elegant cards for any occasion. The company is one of the only ones dedicated solely to designing, developing and offering the best glass and crystal specialty cards to people around the world.

Customers will find that the cards offered are unique and tailored for each individual customer. This is because if there is no design suitable, then customers can call and have one made to their own specifications.

Among the cards being offered, customers will find the 3D crystal diamond item. This crystal diamond shaped gift features a free inscription which can be added, as well as being available in 2 different sizes. In addition to this, customers can attach an image when completing the order, which means the inscription and image will be inside the crystal diamond. Furthermore, a choice of LED lights are available which will illuminate the image and inscription.

Elite Glass Cards states: “We are designers and crafters of customized exquisite crystal occasion cards. We recommend that you act on your urge, as the beauty and elegance of these glass and crystal works of art will be cherished long after the thankful embrace.”

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