3D Galaxy Moon Lamp USB Charging Night Light With Wooden Stand Decorative Light

Based in Australia, O Boutique is a fairly young fast-growing company. The prime focus of O Boutique is to actualize amazing gifts with unmatched low prices. Keeping up with industry standards, O Boutique offers hassle-free returns and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

O Boutique, Australian based e-commerce enterprise, introduces environment friendly, 3D, orb shape, Galaxy Lamp, which replicates Milky Way when enlightened. This lamp is set to evolve the way lamps are conceived, lit, and furnished. With settled network worldwide, the company offers free delivery around the globe with an exclusive 30-day money back guarantee. Orders could be booked 24/7 with the luxury of multiple paying options. Detailed description and images of the lamp are available at https://www.o-boutique.com/collections/home-decor-kitchen/products/new-arrival-3d-print-star-moon-lamp

The projection of 16 variations of color fusions is the boldest feature of this 3D printed lamp. These color schemes are crystallized in such a detailed manner that they mimic real NASA satellite images. Electronically envisioned cosmic images of the lamp could be altered distantly from remote. For night-long duty, the lamp comes with a rechargeable battery making it convenient and portable. Available in four sizes, this 3D Star Moon Lamp does not require any chemical for operation and emits little to no heat, making it environmentally friendly and safe to be used around children. Ultra high quality of its metallurgy and luminous spherical architecture makes it presentable even in bare naked hands and a perfect prop for photographs.

“To Moscow delivery a week and a half, packed normally, without damage and defects, the bottom is painted, the stand is made of wood, all modes work as expected, charging keeps at maximum brightness all night. Everything is fine, I recommend this seller,” says a customer with a 5 star feedback, all the way from Russia.

About 50% of the recipient does not like the gift they receive, but without a shadow of a doubt, 3D Printed Star Moon Lamp changes that. Variety in the sizes and colors makes it a fit present for men and women of all ages. The added feature of the music is the surprise element of this lamp, which further expands its empathy to a variety of modes, atmosphere, and interior themes. Placement of this 3D light hued globe enriches the taste of adornment and class in rooms, galleries or outdoor settings. The glowing outlook of this lamp is so graceful and delicate that even it complements the executive and formal orientation of offices regardless of the time of the day.

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