360 VIDEO Robert Mercado 2016 Drag & Drop Create Edit Software Launched

A new video creation tool package has launched called 360 Video, which allows users to build 360 degree videos in a drag and drop builder for ease of use. Rendered videos can be exported to Facebook and YouTube for easy sharing.

Robert Mercado has announced the launch of 360 Video, a software that allows users to create videos through a simple interface with lifelike 360 video effects. This means that individuals and business owners can make use of the software to show off their homes, their property, and their offices, and give the viewer the effect that they’re inside the video.

More information can be found on the 360 Video site at: http://letsgolook.at/360Video.

The product was launched in order to help increase video engagement, and user engagement at a commercial level, by providing entertaining ways to launch marketing campaigns and advertise products.

The site explains that through using 360 Video, interested parties can give businesses complete control over what they show in the video without needing to move the camera.

It goes on to say that 360 video can offer an easy access point to the power of video marketing, which has taken off in the last decade and become one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign.

Through combining the viewpoints of multiple specialist cameras that shoot in full 360 degrees, users can make videos that catapult the viewer into the video as if they’re living it.

A number of other facilities are also provided with 360 Video to help users to create adverts, marketing campaigns and one off video products that can reach their maximum potential. One such feature is a drag and drop page builder, where users can add any element they like to their video to give it a professional look, feel and finish.

There are also features within the builder that allow users to edit and render their videos with ease, helping to establish the 360 Video software as an easy to use tool even when the business owner or individual has little to no experience in editing videos previously.

Once rendered, videos can be integrated with Facebook, YouTube, and other popular social sites, allowing businesses to enhance their brand recognition and drive more traffic to their website through the the power of video.

Further information can be found at: http://muncheye.com/robert-mercado-360-video.

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