3,000,000 Volt Lipstick Flashlight Stun Gun: The New Pepper Spray Alternative

Security firm Protection Technology have mounted a 3 million volt stun gun in a lipstick tube as the perfect alternative to pepper spray for women's personal protection. More information on this lipstick tube flashlight stun gun is available at http://ProtectionTec.com.

Florida based personal protection firm Protection Technology just released their new alternative to pepper spray for women…a 3 million volt stun gun mounted in a lipstick tube!

The stun gun is just five inches tall and completely portable, fitting easily into a clutch purse or a handbag. And it comes in a range of beautiful fashion colors including black, pink, red and purple.

But its lady like, fashionable appearance disguises 3 million volts of stopping power. Even the smallest woman can now have protection and peace of mind against the largest attacker when carrying this protection device.

And this lipstick tube stun gun also has a secondary very practical purpose…with the simple flick of a switch under the cap it can be used as a powerful flash-light.

Owner of Protection Technology Andras Kalit said “Ideally for full personal protection you should have your own home security system including surveillance equipment. But even with a full security system there are times when you leave home and you’re vulnerable…especially if you’re a woman travelling alone. That’s where this lipstick stun gun can give you peace of mind. You know if you need it you have a 3 million volt deterrent right there in your handbag or purse.”

Kalit said “The slob who attacks a woman carrying one of these bad boys is in for one hell of a surprise! Best of all the stun gun is fully rechargeable so a lady can use this over and over if she needs to for months and years to come. Hopefully you’d never have to use a stun gun like this on an attacker but it gives women a sense of confidence and security having one at their fingertips when they need it.”

More details on the Stun Master 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun are available on the company website at http://www.protectiontec.com/stun-guns/stun-master-3-million-volt-rechargeable-lipstick-stun-gun-with-flashlight-pink.html

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