30% of West Country Computers Infected Says Bristol Data Repair Expert

West Country virus removal and computer repair expert says many West Country computers are carrying viruses that leave them vulnerable to system breakdowns, costly data loss even identity fraud. More information is available at the website http://westcountrycomputers.com.

As many as 30% of West Country UK computers are carrying undetected viruses that leave them vulnerable to system breakdowns, costly data loss even identity fraud says local computer repair expert Terry Ward.

Poor computer security is costing West Country businesses every day in lost production and repair and recovery costs.

Many of the latest viruses are difficult to detect and can sit on a computer idle for days, weeks, even months before activating and taking over the system in a wide variety of ways.

These viruses may simply disable a computer resulting in the need for computer repairs and data recovery or they can be more insidious collecting personal information, business information or information about the customers of a business.

This information can then be used by criminals in various different kinds of fraud including credit card fraud and identity fraud.

Businesses that store customer data like phone numbers and addresses should take computer security very seriously because failure to do so can leave their customers targets of these online criminals.

Terry Ward says “I’ve repaired computers after they’ve been dropped or had coffee spilled on them or any other number of mishaps. But the most common reason computers break down is because they’re carrying viruses that are often entirely preventable.”

Ward says “Computer security is vitally important to the efficient functioning of your computer. Good virus protection can avoid difficult data retrieval and time consuming system reinstalls. Our company is happy to reinstall Windows on your computer and recover important data for you but it makes a whole lot more sense to avoid most of those problems by making your computer secure with the right virus protection.”

More information on virus removal and protection, data recovery and computer repairs in West Country is available on the West Country Computers website at http://westcountrycomputers.com.

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