30 BBL-100 BBL Brewing Systems Customized By Manufacturer For Higher Efficiency

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Specific Mechanical Systems, a specialty brewing equipment manufacturer with over thirty-five years of experience, offers customized 30 BBL-100 BBL brewing systems to optimize efficiency.

Specific Mechanical Systems, a specialty brewing and distilling equipment manufacturer based in Victoria BC, is committed to taking all brewing businesses one step further with a custom-built, high-quality 30 BBL – 100 BBL brewing system. By handcrafting every 30 BBL, 40 BBL, 60 BBL, 80 BBL, or 100+ BBL brewing system for sale, every brewhouse is designed with the brewmaster in mind, and is built to last.

Their commercial brewing equipment can upgrade and expand a mid-sized craft, regional or large production brewery into a beer business powerhouse. Customization of every brewhouse is held to the highest standard — offering 2, 3, 4, and 5 vessel configurations for every 30 BBL – 100 BBL brewhouse.

Each custom-built brewhouse from Specific Mechanical Systems is 100% handcrafted in Canada. Their 30 BBL – 100 BBL brewing systems are engineered by experts so breweries can get the maximum output from every step. Whether they’re building a 30 BBL brewing system or a 100+ BBL brewing system, every brewhouse includes all vessels, tanks, valves, and panels — ensuring every operation is ready to brew immediately.

When designing a 30 BBL – 100 BBL brewing system, Specific Mechanical Systems optimizes design based on an individual brewery’s needs. Customizable platform layouts are best suited to each location — whether that’s rectangular, linear, elevated, or multi-tired. World-class cleaning-in-place (CIP) is integrated throughout every brewhouse, ensuring the cleaning process of each 30 BBL – 100 BBL brewing system is easy and efficient. Brewhouse plumbing design is designed with consideration to each brewing style.

The ability to add SpecBrew automation for an automatic 30 BBL – 100 BBL brewing system is available and Specific Mechanical Systems will be able to walk every customer through the platform.

About Specific Mechanical Systems:

Specific Mechanical Systems is a 100% hand-crafted brewing equipment manufacturer who specializes in high-quality materials and creating high-quality brewing systems. Coming up on almost thirty years in business, Specific Mechanical Systems are leaders in the brewing industry, and pay close attention to the detail of every piece of brewing equipment they make for every brewing system they make it for.

Contact Specific Mechanical Systems with any customizable 30 BBL – 100 BBL brewing systems question by calling an expert at +1-250-652-2111 or visiting https://specificmechanical.com/.

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