3 Trending Backsplash Styles for Kitchen Remodels in Fernandina Beach FL EK&B

Everything Kitchen & Bath remodeling design firm owner Zach Lowe speaks on what is trending for backsplashes in the kitchen remodeling business for 2020. EK&B Design-Build Trending Local Kitchens in Fernandina Beach & Amelia Island Florida

No matter where you live the kitchen remains the number one focal point in any busy household. From the time you wake up having that first sip of coffee to settling down for the evening with a nice glass of wine, the kitchen remains the heart and soul of your home.

Renovating and remodeling the kitchen can sometimes be a daunting task of endless style searches on the net and a lot of back and forth with your design firm. To make this process easier Everything Kitchen and Bath Design-Build would like to help you choose your kitchen backsplash a little easier by starting with 3 trending backsplash styles for 2020.

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Trending 1:

Ceiling-Hight Backsplashes- could arguably one of the hottest trends hitting the kitchen and bath remodeling space for 2020. Traditionally a single-tile pattern or small slab of stone marble was placed straight across the countertops to assist with meal prep cleaning leaving the most upper part of the wall exposed to the barrage of busy kitchen cooking elements.

Zach Lowe of Everything Kitchen & Bath says, “We are discovering more and more clients are opting for ceiling-hight backsplashes that double as kitchen accents walls to bring more life and show casing personality into this critical area”.

Ceiling-height backsplashes can give your tile or stone choice a clean and modern look while highlighting your unique personality, creating a kitchen that will remain the heart of a healthy family. Expect higher backsplashes to brighten up your kitchen with more shades of shimmering light reflecting the qualities of your tile choices.

Trending 2:

Precious Stone or Marble Slabs Replacing Individual Tiles-

Natural Stone Slabs are gaining speed amongst this new trend in kitchen backsplash remodels. The days of worrying about cleaning grout lines and the extra labor involved installing tile is all but over.

The Millennial generation craves ease of clean up and a non-traditional approach to glamor when it comes to upgrading the look of their kitchens.

Zach Lowe, “Trends come and go but we have noticed an acute interest in non-linear design styles associated with natural stone backsplashes which inevitably leads to solid marble slabs being used to achieve a no-hassle modern look.”

Slabs are a very different approach to the more traditional patterns of grouted tile. Slabs offer one continuous piece with very few breaks interrupting the flow-style, not to mention the ease at which one can clean and maintain the brilliant shine of these slabs in busy kitchens.

Your choice of naturally occurring patterns, colors, and durability within these stone slabs will vary depending on the quality and trending availability. The most common material used for these stone slabs is Granite, Marble, and Quartz. Each of these stones carries different personality traits and it is suggested that you consult with your designer as to which is best suited for your needs in the kitchen and you’re remodeling budget.

Trending 3:

Get Off The Subway (tile) This Year- The trend of classic Subway style tiling beginning in 2017 and trending well into 2019 is slowing pivoting to new tile shapes that provide more dimension and distinctive charm to our modern kitchens.

Zach Lowe, ” We are seeing an uptick in more creative tiling solution associated with shapes, textures and alternative materials being used for backsplash accents in our client’s kitchens.”

From hexagon tiles to floral arranged patterns or even more alternative options such as metallic sheeting and weathered copper to showcase the more rustic and old-world styles.

Zach “Clients are showing an interest in moving away from cookie-cutter traditionalism and adding more flavors to their kitchens that reflect their unique personalities, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by not doing what everyone else is doing”

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