3 Things You Didn’t Know About Expired Domain Name Data Services

The Domain Name releases 3 previously unpublished facts about its upcoming Expired Domain Name Data service launch. Further information can be found at https://the.domain.name/.

Ahead of the launch of its new Expired Domain Name Data service, The.Domain.Name is making public 3 as yet unreleased facts about the service, set to go live November 20th 2016, which fans and consumers within the Online Marketing, SEO and Domain Names space will find interesting…

The 3 items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating the Expired Domain Name Data service came about after they realised that they had extensive technology and marketing experience and could bring those together to help small businesses with vast data, towards their marketing goals…

The Expired Domain Name Data service has actually been in development for three years and had a team of just two working on it, which is miniscule by industry standards. This goes to show that great technology can be created with nothing but talent, time, a great idea and purpose to deliver for the world.

The Domain Name almost wasn’t able to bring the Expired Domain Name Data service to see the light of day, when the one of the founders became homeless after his prior business failed. Thankfully he passed that dark time but during that period his Eureka moment was delivered, and the mission to assist was born, with terabytes of data being analysed on nothing but a solar panel powering his laptop.

The Domain Name has done something different compared to other businesses in the Online Marketing, SEO and Domain Names space, by ensuring the so called big data, normally the preserve of large multinationals, is now available to the average mom and pop with no barriers to entry.

The Expired Domain Name Data service will move from public Beta to a fully launched service, as part of The Domain Name’s greater plans to for all their clients to conquer the Google ranking problem. It’s hoped this goal will be achieved by the year end.

The Domain Name got it’s start when Founder Jason Duke and Richard Lees noticed a growing need for vast domain data to be useable and available to non technical businesses.. With 35 years combined prior experience in the Online Marketing, SEO and Domain Name world, Jason Duke and Richard Lees decided to go ahead and start delivering the answer to this problem in 2013.

Jason Duke is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like speak with them, one on one, via video conferencing. We and our customers may be spread around the world, but we try to make it feel as if everyone is local, and releasing these little factoids ahead of our Expired Domain Name Data service launch are what make a difference.”

The Domain Name’s Expired Domain Name Data service is set to launch November 20th 2016. To find out more about The Domain Name and the new service, it’s possible to visit https://the.domain.name/

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