3 Things To Know About Top Fencing’s New Security Fencing Service In Melbourne

Top Fencing releases 3 previously unpublished facts about its new Security Fencing service launch. Further information can be found at http://topfencing.com.au/.

Ahead of the launch of its new Security Fencing service, Top Fencing is making public 3 as yet unreleased facts about the service, set to go live August 2019, which fans and consumers within the Fencing Contractors space will find interesting…

The 3 items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating the Security Fencing service came about after it was found out that there is increasing focus on security from business and other organisations in and around Melbourne.

The security fencing service offered by Top Fencing has actually been in development for several months and had a team of four working on it, making sure that the materials and processes used will be world class each and every time. This goes to show even a small family business can be innovative and provide a high quality service at a reasonable price.

Top Fencing can now supply and install a wide range of security fence types, styles and colors Making is easy for people to find something that meets their needs.

Some of the popular styles include:

Palasade fencing

Chain mesh fencing

Tubular steel fencing

Weldmesh fencing

High-security fencing.

The Security Fencing service will be released as part of Top Fencing’s greater plans to to make sure that local Melbourne businesses have premises that keep their assets safe and secure so that they can survive and grow. It’s hoped Top Fencing can help local businesses achieve this now and into the future.

Top Fencing got it’s start when founder Nigel William noticed a growing need for a higher class of fence builder that has reasonable prices to service the Melbourne market. With several years prior experience, Nigel William decided to go ahead and start Top Fencing in 2019.

Nigel William is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like publishing useful and interesting information on the company website, and releasing these little factoids ahead of our Security Fencing service launch are what make a difference.”

“Businesses and community organizations are becoming increasingly concerned about protecting their assets. It is not just the physical assets of factories and offices but schools and sporting facilities increasingly need secure fencing as people barriers.”

In addition to securing fencing, Top Fencing currently also supply and install timber paling Fences and Colorbond Fences which are popular options particularly for residential property customers in Melbourne.

Top Fencing sets itself apart from other fencing contractors in Melbourne as it uses a quality assurance system to make sure that customers get a high quality fence every time.

Top Fencing’s Security Fencing service is set to launch August 2019. To find out more about Top Fencing and the new service, it’s possible to visit http://topfencing.com.au/

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