3 Things To Know About J Pride U Athletic’s Performance Program for Athletes

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J Pride U Athletics releases 3 previously unknown facts about the upcoming launch of its comprehensive strength training program for athletes. Connect with them at https://app.healthhaven.co.uk/.

Ahead of the launch of its new comprehensive strength training program for athletes, J Pride U Athletics is making public 3 as yet unreleased facts about the service, set to go live September 2021, which fans and consumers within the performance athletics space will find interesting…

The 3 items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating the service came about after Joe Padilla had an ambition to plug the gap that the Covid pandemic had thrown upon many athletes – a sudden lack of contact with a coach, trainer and/or knowledge base to elevate their performance to get ahead of the competition and stay on top of their game…

The comprehensive strength training program for Athletes service has actually been in development for 6 years and its success is entirely attributable to the un-ending hard work of Founder and Head Coach Joe Padilla. Athletes can rest assured that someone as determined and committed to nurturing a business orientated entirely around optimising their performance will go above and beyond to ensure the same success in their amateur/professional career.

J Pride U Athletics has done something different compared to other businesses in the performance athletics space, by changing the lives of 10s to 100s of people, with more and more couch-potatoes gradually turning to recreational athletic practices and principles thanks to Joe’s help. People are refreshed by the lack of generic ‘weight loss and muscle gain/ messaging around Joe’s work, and are embracing high performance exercise.

The strength training program is to be released as part of J Pride U Athletics’s greater plans to unlock the extra 1% of performance in all budding athletes facing rapid career acceleration.

J Pride U Athletics got it’s start when Founder Joe Padilla noticed a growing need for an all-rounded approach to athletic performance with enough specificity to work across all physical sports and with even more experience to apply knowledge and tools from training methods such as plyometrics, statics and high intensity training that may be the missing key to overcoming any training plateau you might face. With 6 years prior experience in the performance athletics world, Joe Padilla decided to go ahead and start in 2015.

Joe Padilla is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like invite them to the gym for a face-to-face meet with myself and the other athletes, and encourage training there to truly gel with the athletes by bouncing new ideas off each other. We also offer a free meal plan for all new joiners to J Pride U Athletics, and releasing these little factoids ahead of our Comprehensive Strength Training for Athletes service launch are what make a difference.”

J Pride U Athletics’s comprehensive strength training program for athletes is set to launch in September 2021. To find out more about J Pride U Athletics and start unlocking that crucial piece of excellence you previously thought out of reach, you can connect with Joe directly on the Health Haven app available at https://app.healthhaven.co.uk/

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