3 Things To Expect When Cryptocurrency FighterCoin App Launches In October 2018

FighterCoin App releases teaser information on the upcoming launch of its one of a kind Cryptocurrency. Further information can be found at http://fightercoin.io/.

FighterCoin has announced the official launch date of its upcoming Cryptocurrency. News is already starting to circulate among investors, influencers and die-hard fans within the MMA Fighting Community world, as the ‘Pre-Sale’ date for the FighterCoin (FGC) App draws near. There are three main things fans, crypto investors and promoters can expect from the release in 2018.

The first thing folks should expect is the big improvements in overall sport of fighting that the blockchain technology represents. Fans will finally be able to engage more personally using the FighterCoin mobile app through Fantasy Games, by competing with other fans and winning fun rewards and prizes. Fans pay to play using the FGC cryptocurrency token and proceeds go to fund their favorite fighters, benefiting the entire fighting community by helping to defray training, medical and transportation costs, while also creating a retirement fund for fighters.

A fun coin with a genuine purpose – this is what to be expect from an innovative business who embodies the true spirit of the sport of fighting, creating a win-win-win for fans, fighters and investors alike.

The second piece of exciting news is that the FighterCoin App will be celebrating the launch event with a Bounty Program. The FGC Team hopes to move 50,000,000 Tokens (representing $10,000,000) before the official pre-sale date of October 15, 2018. Cryptocurrency fans and investors can join the Bounty Program NOW, making money by simply retweeting and sharing FighterCoin Official posts and hashtags.

Join the Bounty Program here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4620621.0

Finally, for cryptocurrency fans, they’ll be interested to know what went into making FighterCoin App. It has taken years to produce, from start to finish, from the initial idea to creating the final product. The Token is created using blockchain technology and a supporting mobile app powered by Fantasy Games allows fans, investors and advertisers alike to engage with the fighters, coaches and trainers directly. This should provide total satisfaction to both early adopting cryptocurrency investors and MMA Fighting Community connoisseurs.

In a recent interview between Bitcoin.com and Firas Zahabi, champion MMA fighter trainer, founder of TriStar Gym and creator of Pure Victory Championships, the question of whether or not fighters wanted to be paid in cryptocurrency came up. Zahabi’s answer: “They love it, every fighter loves it. Look at the price of bitcoin right now. The guy who recently got $100 worth of BTC is pumped as it’s worth about $300-400 right now.”

Juan Mercado, FGC App Advisor, MMA Trainer & Coach at FighterCoin App also wanted to add, “We’re really excited about the launch of our Cryptocurrency and App because it benefits the entire sport of fighting and its fans as a cohesive community.” He continues,

“A fan can sign up as a player on the FighterCoin platform. As soon as they register they’ll be given an option to choose the main fighter they want to support. This fighter will be the person that receives the majority of the revenue in the event their fan correctly picks a winner or goes on a winning streak.

Fighters receive funding from either being the selected fighter a fan has directly nominated, or by applying to receive proceeds from the general Public Pool for fighters.

Using the mobile App, fighters will have the ability to engage fans directly by requesting FGC donations in exchange for doing fan friendly commentary, or whatever the fighter chooses to do for his/her fan base.

Advertisers will be able to reach their audiences in a much more targeted manner, generating more profits for their businesses.

Finally, the gyms, instructors, schools, coaches and other personnel involved in the fighting community will also receive a portion of the revenue generated through the usage of FGC. The more FGC is adopted and used within the MMA community, the more money the fighting community at large makes, giving them the ability to train more quality fighters while worrying less about the financial issues associated with being a professional fighter.”

Cryptocurrency fans can join the Bounty Program by clicking https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4620621.0

And for more information about the product itself, visit http://fightercoin.io

To join their White List and be notified of all priority information, sign up here: http://fightercoin.io/whitelist

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