3 Million years of Human History jolted in the right direction by this New Book

With his book, Indian author Sourabh De is bringing inclusivity and lucidity to the knowledge of Earth and human history. The book, ‘Time Travel: To The Edge of History’ is available on Amazon.

Sourabh De who calls himself an amateur Archeologist and a fan of Astronomy, has launched his brand-new book, “Time Travel: To The Edge of History”. The book went live on 2nd December, and is available on Amazon right now. It is expected to become a big hit with fans of the Adventure Fiction world and readers who love to gain knowledge about different parts of world and its history.

More information on the book can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MV62CPC/

The book is written with the aim to be a catalyst for readers to start their own journey of discovering history and knowledge about earth as well as humans. As per the author, there is a huge amount of knowledge regarding global history which each one of us should be aware of. While much content has been written in the past covering some of these topics, most of them are in different places and are mostly available in scientific journals. With this book the author aims to present this knowledge to the fans of human evolution, generate interest amongst youngsters and parents alike, through stories covering important aspects of human history. He hopes to tickle the curiosity bone amongst the readers and help them gain historic knowledge as they travel with him through this book.

Sourabh De advocates for inclusivity and balance to world history. He illustrates with an example that the USA with a 300-year-old history has 24 UNESCO heritage sites, whereas India with a documented history spanning more than 5000 years, replete with thousands of culturally important places and geological features has only 40 UNESCO sites. This shows how much more is to be explored worldwide and we need many more minds to be thinking of this collectively.

There is also particular excitement about this launch because this compiles the author’s three decades of global travel experiences and understanding of human and earth’s history.

‘Time Travel: To The Edge of History’, sets its main focus on a father-daughter duo discovering 3 million years of history in thirty days, travelling across the globe to several places of historical significance, and exploring those countries’ culture and evolution as well . They visit and share stories about early man, dinosaurs, dogs from landmark places in Europe, North and South America, places of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations, Israel and the tribal settlements in Andaman islands in India.

Readers will discover that human history is miniscule compared to the age of our planet Earth which means that there is so much more yet to be discovered by us and many unanswered questions that need to be tackled. For example, we thought that Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were the largest Indus Valley civilization settlements, but now with newer excavation and discoveries, Rakhigarhi in India could turn out of be the biggest. It could also mean that tomorrow there could be a bigger site yet undiscovered under our feet. These discoveries are enhancing our sum knowledge about the collective human prehistory.

‘Time Travel: To The Edge of History’ is being released by Notion Press.

Sourabh De has a background in Archeology, Astronomy and Quizzing. This helped shape the creation of the book by recognizing that there is a need for the current and new generation to develop an understanding of our shared past in order to create a better future. This is the first book De has authored. He believes that this book of 11 chapters will serve as an encyclopedia of facts, trivia, anecdotes and general knowledge for readers of all ages and background.

When asked about why he wrote the book, De said: “My daughter has an insatiable curiosity about the world and asks me numerous questions. The questions that she had, led me to search for the answers. And these answers are compiled within the book. The book has been written as a fictional travel adventure story where the father-daughter duo travel to twenty cities across the world over the course of their journey in thirty days, during which they search for the truth about human evolution across three million years of history. If we want to learn about our future, all the answers can be found in our past.”

De has hopes that the book will inspire parents, children and readers of all ages to learn about history and civilizations and become evangelists so that it inspires the new generation to be aware of the earth and our culture. This positive outlook from the author is certainly testament to the optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation. At one point, he had to rewrite an entire chapter because the information had become outdated by the time it was ready to publish.

De also considers it to be a high point that the Historian Yuval Noah Harari gave permission to be featured as a lovable character in the chapter on Israel. He found an episode about a ‘Phantom Airline’ flying between Egypt and Israel particularly thrilling to write.

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking his daughter for her part in the creation of the book, saying: “I would like to thank my daughter’s innate curiosity for igniting the urge to write the book. And through the process of writing this book, now I feel I’m closer to knowing my place in history and the universe.”

Those interested in learning more about the book can visit here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09MV62CPC/

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