3 Interactive Engagements that Advance CEO Clubs Network’s Members Experience

Engagement is the foundation of CEO Clubs Network. Success requires careful and conscious effort and it is the commitment of CEO Clubs Network to our members. Be part of the community and understand that engagement really matter.

Engagement is the foundation of CEO Clubs Network. For more than 15 years of serving the CEO community, each person in our team who is responsible for coordinating deliverable among our members, we have learned a lot of things when it comes to successful engagement.

Some people think that Engagement is a personal commitment or partnership, but according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). “It’s a combination of commitment to the organization and its values plus a willingness to help out colleagues. It goes beyond job satisfaction and is not simply motivation.”

WorkforceGPS defined it as “a comprehensive, value-added set of strategies, activities, and partnerships designed to support and promote economic prosperity by providing valuable solutions for the needs of businesses.”

Whilst everyone interprets it in different ways, there are still many businesses that don’t know where to start when it comes to engaging. As we look through the achievements we made in the past few years, CEO Clubs thought it was worth sharing the three key points to successful network engagement:

1. Frequency – we carefully conduct innovative measures on a monthly basis such as New Member Orientation, Engagement Meeting, Happy Member Interview, Member of Month, Member’s Article and News, Member Offer, Members Business Opportunity, Quarterly Survey, Webinar and Workshop, Facilitate Member’s Connection and etc. in order to have effective communication and implementation.

2. Member engagement – members discuss collaboration opportunities and share experiences, topics, and ideas. CEO Clubs also organize member-exclusive events (online/offline) CEO Clubs mobile app (Member Directory), facilitate one on one meeting, members’ chat group, delegation visits to member’s company or international business leisure trip. This strengthens the network and creates a “we” approach to the overall mission.

3. Community building – CEO Clubs strive to be united and create values for the community through collective efforts. They choose ZERO HUNGER as their way of giving back to society, they use tools and engagement channels the network wants to use. It can be through a referral, a meeting set up, a contact, a suggestion, feedback, bring a new member, offer a new solution, spread the word, give a business, knowledge sharing, free consultancy, and more. It lowers the barriers to engagement and increases the dialogue among members.

Success requires careful and conscious effort and it is our commitment to our members. These are the 3 things that our members expect from us, as we work together to make 2021, our most successful year yet. Says Sara Dong the Executive Director of CEO Clubs.

Be part of the community and understand that engagement really matter. It does not only benefit you but also the people around you. She continued.

About CEO Clubs Network

CEO Clubs Network is a corporate membership-based international business organization with members and ambassadors from various industries, entities, and chapters across the globe. The organization focuses on connecting CEOs & Entrepreneurs to share experiences, explore opportunities, and grow business locally and internationally. Member ‘activities, dedicated member’s app (CEO Clubs), and service-oriented support team are three pillars to make sure an effective business platform, that also enables members to stayed connected and engaged in the whole community. With the spirit of harmony, untied and value-driven set in the place, CEO Club’s community has been enjoying creating tremendous values for 15 years. In the year 2021, CEO Clubs Network picked up “ZERO HUNGER”, one of 17 SDGs for giving back to our society.

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