3-for-the-price-of-1 Video Commercials

The Fall Spectacular by Ironox Works offers 3 customized video commercials for the normal price of 1. Samples of these video ads, which have been designed for social media, are available without cost or obligation from Dennis@IronoxWorks.com.

Business managers looking for big savings can now take advantage of a new, limited-time offering from Ironox Works. Ironox Works has implemented its Fall Spectacular 3-for-the-price-of-1 video commercial sale, which is designed to benefit both new and existing customers by helping them prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

Specifically, they’ll deliver 3 high-quality, mobile-ready, video commercials with customized scripts that are specifically designed for social media platforms like Facebook. Ironox Works has been able to do this by streamlining its video creation process.

It’s easy to see half a dozen samples of these effective video ads by simply emailing “Dennis@IronoxWorks.com” with the subject line ‘Video Sale.’ There’s related information available at http://ironoxworks.com.

The folks at Ironox Works are excited to unveil this new Fall Spectacular.

Dr. Dennis Bradford, Director of Marketing at Ironox Works asks: “”Have you switched yet from old-fashioned interruption marketing like newspapers, television, radio, and billboards that has a poor return on investment to highly targeted, social media videos that can be extremely effective? Our Fall Spectacular makes it easy for you to do that. Our normal price for one individualized social media video is $199., which is already low by industry standards. We’re temporarily offering 3 at that same price. If you aren’t yet using video ads online, you’re falling behind your competition.”

The people at Ironox Works have made a point of listening to feedback from their customers. They want their customers to get in front of the huge amount of online traffic on social media.

These videos can also be embedded on websites and, once posted on free video platforms like YouTube, their URL’s can be used in email signature blocks.

Having been in business for 6 months, Ironox Works strives to provide more value than its customers expect or even pay for. This dedication has made them known among customers as friendly and customer-centered in the cool digital marketing and video arena. Its people have years of marketing experience in addition to all the latest video-creation software.

Anyone who would like to be among the first to take advantage of their Fall Spectacular shouldn’t wait to learn more. Just email Dr. Bradford at: “Dennis@IronoxWorks.com.” There’s related information available at http://ironoxworks.com.

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