3 Essential Strategies for Women: Reclaiming a Healthy Weight/Energy/Vitality

After all the struggles with dieting, imagine shedding pounds in a wholesome way, having energy & vitality, falling in love with our bodies once again, and looking fabulous in a favorite pair of jeans.

This informative FREE Webinar is for women who want to reclaim their healthy weight, energy and vitality while falling radically in love with their bodies once again. It’s for anyone who has ‘tried’ more than one ‘diet’ unsuccessfully, gaining the weight back, and now want to win at shedding the pounds & sustaining a healthy weight.

It was developed to challenge the concept of ‘dieting’. A ‘diet’ approach is an external solution to an internal problem, begins from a place of fear & not enough, and encourages resistance and pain.


3 Essential Strategies for Women is presented by Lynn Billett, Nurse Practitioner & Functional Health Expert & Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, Amazon Bestselling Author & Prosperity-Building Coach. This approach is not a ‘diet’, it’s all about ‘Living Vibrantly’ & discovering how.

A healthy body begins with a radical shift in mindset

The imbalance in our hormones effect metabolism and negatively impact weight loss efforts

Self-care and self-compassion play a critical role in our weight and overall wellbeing

Excess weight can present many challenges including physical limitations as well as emotional and health issues, especially from age 35-65. We ask, “what’s at stake if we don’t choose to change our outlook on our body, weight & overall health in 2021?”

Every change for good begins with a mindset shift. In this Webinar, there’ll be access to a Body Weight and Health QUIZ to prepare participants for the rich content. We’ll all learn why it’s so difficult to lose weight when our hormones are out of balance, get helpful strategies on repairing & improving hormone balance for successful, sustainable weight loss, and discover why it’s critical to have accountability partners to reach each of our goals.

Register here https://createathrivinglifestory.com/pandemic-pounds

Together, we’ll begin a journey to a healthier body and self-image. Our growing community was designed for health-conscious women to acquire the knowledge, support & accountability in becoming the healthiest & most empowered version of themselves.

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