2B Awards Provides Talent A Stage On The Worldwide Web With New Contest

Robert Kenneth, a Fort Lauderdale entrepreneur, launched 2B Awards, a monthly online talent show providing aspiring artists, performers and creators with a chance to connect with a wide range of entertainment professionals.

2B Awards, an online monthly talent contest for artists and creators in a variety of categories, is officially launched. The competition will give winners the chance to work with professional talent agencies, scouts and entertainment companies for a chance to start a career in their desired field.

More information can be found at https://2BAwards.com.

Talent shows are ideal opportunities for aspiring artists, performers and creators to start a professional career, as it gives them the chance to be noticed by talent agencies, record labels, promoters, scouts, producers and other influential entertainment parties.

However, most talent shows require participants to be physically present in a television studio, which is often difficult for those living in areas where such competitions are not available.

2B Awards was launched to create an opportunity for all artists and creators to participate in a talent competition from the comfort of their own homes or studios. The online talent show was created by Robert Kenneth, a Fort Lauderdale investor with extensive relations in the entertainment industry.

2B Awards is a monthly online talent competition giving participants the chance to have their online video viewed by thousands, with the chance to be contacted by different entertainment companies, organizations or individuals interested in a possible collaboration.

The winners for each month are decided via online voting, making it possible for any participant to develop a large online following even if they might not win.

To allow ample opportunities for all types of performers, artists and creators, 2B Awards features a wide range of categories, including singing, dancing, comedy, magic shows, cheerleading, fashion design, web design and many others.

Robert Kenneth, the founder of 2B Awards, stated that the main purpose of the monthly event is to help aspiring talents connect with entertainment professionals: “It’s a very tough and expensive road to attain stardom and we can connect the talent with the professionals in this marketplace that can make things happen.”

Participants can upload multiple two-minute videos for free during the promotional period.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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