265,000 Website Accessibility Demand Letters Drives New Program from Accessus.ai

Accessus.ai announced the availability of their new Comprehensive Response to Web Accessibility Demand Letters "Accessibility Litigation Support Suite" beginning October 18 2021. More information can be found at https://www.accessus.ai.

Website Accessibility Demand Letters Costing U.S. Businesses Billions Results In New Strategic Offering from Accessus.ai

In response to the significant increase in the number of web accessibility demand letters being sent to small and medium size businesses, Accessus.ai announces the introduction of its Accessibility Litigation Support Suite, which provides clients a much needed and comprehensive strategy to initially respond to these litigation threats.

Recent industry estimates indicate 265,000 legal demand letters for web accessibility were sent last year and cost US businesses approximately $6.65 Billion in financial settlements and legal expenses in 2020.

‘’The average financial settlement for an ADA accessibility demand letter is $25,000 and includes attorneys fees on both sides along with the compliance remediation to satisfy the demand for injunctive relief” said CEO and General Counsel Gerard Wittstadt.

He further states, “it’s obviously a better decision to proactively achieve compliance and never receive a demand letter but our AI technology is designed to quickly and affordably help companies achieve compliance and respond aggressively before retaining counsel.”

If your company is targeted with a demand letter, the AI accessibility company believes the best initial response is to immediately achieve 100% compliance and provide an Accessibility Statement / Certificate of Performance in an initial response directly to the plaintiff.

Accessus.ai provides clients with the following as part of the Accessibility Litigation Support Suite:

– A complimentary 7 day trial after installation of a single line of javascript

– 100% WCAG compliance in less than 48 hours

– An Accessibility Statement and Certificate of Performance

– An initial suggested response to the demand letter

– Monthly Accessibility audit and statement

– A free Accessibility Compliance Evaluation (ACE) tool to check the plaintiff firms level of compliance

A typical accessibility demand letter includes a requirement for the recipient to immediately take action to make their website compliant and provide an accessibility plan to maintain compliance in the future.

According to Chief Operating Officer Jeff Minderlein, ‘’24/7 compliance monitoring and automated remediation is a critical part of our AI technology and provides our clients with the ability to immediately satisfy injunctive relief and prove their future commitment to web accessibility.”

To start your complimentary 7 day trial and have the Accessibility Litigation Support Suite sent directly to your email please visit https://www.accessus.ai/freetrial

About Accessus.ai

Accessus Group LLC is a North America Strategic Partner with AccessiBe Ltd based in Israel and provides access to the #1 Automated Web Accessibility Compliance Solution for ADA, FHA and WCAG Compliance.

Accessus.ai provides concierge level advisory services and technical installation support for SaaS and Enterprise level companies in the Real Estate, Financial, Healthcare and eCommerce industries.

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