25 Foot Tape Measure – Light Weight, Sturdy and Now Sold on Amazon

RedBarn announced the availability of their RedBarn 25 Foot Tape Measure. It is now offered on Amazon. More information can be found at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PH7AYFC.

RedBarn today announced that customers looking to buy their next 25 Foot Tape Measure are now able to purchase their own RedBarn 25 Foot Tape Measure from Amazon.

The 25 Foot Tape Measure release marks RedBarn’s first release in their product line. Everyone within the business was excited when the product launched, especially since those within RedBarn feel this product is a “great quality at a low price.”

Bob the Barn Builder, Head of Marketing at RedBarn, when asked about the RedBarn 25 Foot Tape Measure said:

“I love that this tape measure is light weight but very sturdy! The tape doesn’t droop too much so it can be used to measure things without needing an extra set of hands. Great quality with easy to read numbers.”

Consumers active in the Tools market will be interested to know the 25 Foot Tape Measure was been developed with DIY person in mind.

For example, it features “this tape measure has added protection by being encased in a high impact resistant rubber case”. Bob the Barn Builder said “This was important because this case makes the tape more resilient when it is dropped. This will be great news for our buyers because the customer will not be buying new tape measures as often.”

The RedBarn 25 Foot Tape Measure will also have a stainless steel spring inside the 25 foot long tape made of a high carbon steel blade. This was included because it provides for smooth operation. Consumers should be pleased with this since it makes the tape easier to use.

One final piece of information being released, states that the new 25 Foot Tape Measure will also have a Quality Steel blade made for maximum sturdiness so it doesn’t wimp out on long measurements and fold. – Developers decided this was critical to the final product because the tape will not bend as easily as other brands. Customers should enjoy this particularly, as it reduces frustrations.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at www.Jonnivek.com

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PH7AYFC

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