24 Hour Gym Near Nexton In Summerville SC Launches Updated Training Program

The combination of having highly experienced trainers and a gym that is open 24 hours a day makes The Bar Fitness Club an ideal gym for those in Nexton or nearby neighborhoods in Summerville, SC.

The Bar Fitness Club, a 24-hour access gym in Summerville, South Carolina, announced an updated education process for individualized training. Their coaches approach to strength and conditioning is geared towards the individual with the goal of speeding up recovery times while achieving the biggest gains while training pain free.

More information can be found at https://thebarfitnessclub.com/strength-conditioning.

The Bar Fitness Club was designed to be a very versatile gym from serious athletes to the overweight dad wanting to get back in shape. According to the owner the goal was to provide the best equipment, and an extremely knowledgeable team to support all their members in reaching their goals whatever those goals may be and wherever they are in their journey.

The gym aims to provide an atmosphere that is encouraging and nonjudgemental. No matter one’s age or body type, the personal trainers at The Bar Fitness Club know how to guide members to get real results. The trainers personalize every workout and help hold members accountable in order to inspire members to grow in a safe way.

Training pain free is a very important core value that the strength and conditioning program was built on. They are also quick to point out that a person does not need experience with a barbell or free weights to join the program. They work with complete beginners as well as experienced athletes.

One of the methods their coaches use to train members is something called Periodization. Periodization Training uses the cycling of phases and intensity to ensure safe and predictable progression. According to the coaches this method is ideal because lighter phases transition into more demanding training phases using more advanced movements at a safe pace which is one of the best ways to avoid injuries.

The trainers stress the importance of recording data and learning what works best for each individual. This is not only important for athletes but for soccer moms and office workers alike. According to the coaches it helps inform what will get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

The gym offers free trials for interested parties. This helps people get back in the gym and start things off on the right foot, with the tools, motivation and knowledge to accomplish their fitness goals.

A satisfied member said: “This is by far the best fitness facility I’ve ever come across. The staff is friendly at takes their time to help/answer any questions that anyone has. They have any and all equipment that you could think of, and the ones you’re unsure about they will break down how to use it. Plus the fact that the gym is 24 hours is amazing for anyone who has a hard time finding a place that is open during odd hours. Great facility, great staff, would recommend to anyone from beginners to pro’s.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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