24 Hour Gym In Summerville SC Announces Updated Personal Training Programs

Training pain free is something that The Bar Fitness Club, a 24 hour gym in Summerville SC, helps their members do through their personal training programs designed for all levels.

The Bar Fitness Club, a gym in Summerville, South Carolina, announced an updated range of services for its members. Personal training programs are available for athletes, soccer moms, and even dads wanting to lose their beer gut. Whatever the goal or place a person is at in life, The Bar Fitness Club personal trainers have the knowledge, equipment, and programming to help people reach their goals in a safe environment.

More information can be found at https://thebarfitnessclub.com/personal-training-summerville.

Training pain free is something that The Bar Fitness Club believes every person should be able to do. The gym focuses on the principles of optimal human mechanics to help members maximize performance while reducing the risk of injury and improving their overall fitness.

The five star reviews attest to the fact that the trainers are extremely knowledgeable. One recent satisfied member said: “Cant give enough 5 star reviews for this gym. Been training seriously for a while now and haven’t found another gym like this one. To start off, the owners are the most welcoming that I’ve ever been around. Not only are they welcoming, they have a gym with all the equipment any serious power / Olympic lifter could ever need. They’re also extremely knowledgeable and do programming for athletes. I was training really hard for a while and I started to notice some shoulder issues that I couldn’t quite get the feel for and nothing I was doing helped at all. I approached Hayden about what I could do and after doing some troubleshooting, he gave me a list of exercises to run through to help the problem and after a few weeks of the exercises and training advice, my shoulder has never felt better. Can’t recommend this gym enough to anyone looking for a fantastic place to train and get after it.”

The trainers also make it clear that those who are interested in training do not need to have experience with a barbell or free weights to train at the gym. Everyone’s beginner phase transitions into more demanding training blocks at a safe pace with the supervision of the personal trainer.

The programs are personalized and tend to change progressively in structure every three to five weeks allowing enough time to keep people motivated by staying challenged as well as giving enough time for noticeable improvement.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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