21-Day Body Cleanse Weight Loss Nutrition Transformation Program Launched

A new 21-day weight loss cleansing program has been launched by expert trainer to the stars, George DiGianni. It helps to promote healthy habits and ensures that practitioners meet their weight loss goals.

A new weight loss program has been launched, called the 21 Day Body Makeover. It was created by celebrity fitness and health consultant George DiGianni, who has helped a wide range of clients from Michael Dell to Mark Cuban.

More information can be found at: https://www.21daybodymakeover.com

George DiGianni has spent 31 years perfecting two life-changing holistic and organic programs. His focus is on helping clients to achieve sustainable weight loss results.

The program is based on the philosophy that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. It’s designed to be easy to follow so anyone can take it up and begin taking actionable steps towards their health goals.

Benefits of following the program include weight loss, curbed sugar cravings, better sleep, increased mental clarity, balanced hormones and improved overall health.

Participants get access to a full suite of supplements to help them along the way, in addition to written and video content and recipes available 24/7. Anyone signing up to the 21-day program will also be able to access workout videos that George used on Dennis Rodman and Mark Cuban.

All the included supplements are professional-grade and use the highest quality raw food ingredients. They have no dairy, no gluten, no peanuts and no soy protein.

George DiGianni explains that a cleansing program like this is important because so much contributes to toxin buildup in the body. This ranges from vehicle emissions to stress. These toxins clog up the cells, causing inflammation, which leads to disease.

George states: “A holistic body cleanse like our 21-day program makes it easier for you. No need to stress over whether or not you’re doing the right steps because we’ve designed the program to cover all aspects of your health!”

“From weight loss to body rejuvenation to mental health, we built this natural digestive cleanse system to help you address all the likely problems you’ll encounter when you embark on a fitness journey. That’s because this journey requires a lifestyle change, and that means breaking unhealthy old habits and establishing new ones!”

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