2022 Automated Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns – Sales Growth Reporting Software Launch

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Sellozo has announced a new update for its fully automated Amazon advertising platform. The cutting-edge software empowers stores to reach more customers while lowering ACoS.

Online sellers wanting to learn how to maximize visibility on Amazon and generate more sales can book a call to find out how the software works. After the latest update, it offers a range of new features to enhance conversion.

More information can be found at: https://www.sellozo.com

Following the pandemic, online sales through Amazon have increased. In 2020, the site accounted for $368 billion in sales. Sellozo aims to help more people tap into this market with its new update.

Sellozo offers a fully automated software solution that makes it easier for brands to advertise across the website. The team’s advertising experts are also on hand to help with professional PPC services.

Features include daily ad scheduling that allows content to run at the most impactful time of the day. Sellers can maximize profits by targeting customers at times when they’re most likely to complete a purchase.

Business owners can also use the popular program to visually customize their keyword discovery strategy. The software features an innovative Campaign Studio, which automates 95% of the keyword selection process.

The all-in-one advertising dashboard makes it easier to see how the business is running. True profitability reporting is available and store owners can compare PPC sales to organic sales for efficient optimization.

Other key features include automated repricing to keep up to date with the competition, and seamless inventory management. Business owners can use the tool to reach a wider audience, target shoppers based on specific terminology, and enhance their overall performance on the Amazon platform.

The team at Sellozo is committed to helping store owners overcome the challenges they face in running their business. The cost of manufacturing, shipping, and juggling Amazon fees is rising. It’s for this reason that they simplify PPC campaigns and help companies to advertise creatively for maximum impact.

A recent customer said: “Our team’s been around the block. Our executive team alone has over 50+ years of combined selling experience on Amazon.com. There is no other PPC team that can navigate Amazon’s extensive marketplace like Sellozo.”

Interested parties can learn more at: https://www.sellozo.com

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