2021 The World’s Most Effective Personal Air Filtration System Naples, Florida

2021 The World's Most Effective Personal Air Filtration System - The Easy Flow Fresh Air System made and manufactured in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers, Florida.

The Florida Sanitizer Company, located in beautiful Naples, Florida, is partnering and marketing a brand new product to hit the market recently with world wide effects and reach and is causing a amazing buzz with its users and subscribers – The Easy Flow Fresh Air System.

The Easy Flow Fresh Air System, The World’s Most Effective Personal Air Filtration System, made and manufactured in Naples, Florida, has been producing amazing results and professionals from industries all over the world wear respiratory systems and surgical respirator to protect their health from hazardous chemicals and harmful dusts. However, research has shown that wearing a surgical respirator does little to protect you from harmful particulate matter (PM).

In fact, wearing a respirator for long periods of time can cause discomfort, and may induce physiological stress on the wearer, making regular tasks more challenging, causing headaches, and other serious side effects. Easy Flow provides a positive pressurized flow of filtered fresh air directly inside the respirator!

This positive pressurized flow of air helps to block contaminated air from entering through the gaps making your respirator more effective and comfortable! Enjoy filtered air anytime, anywhere you go. Let the Easy Flow Personal Air Filtration System help block virtually all the particulate matter from entering your lungs and the entire cardiovascular system. Easy Flow’s positive air flow creates a dryer, more effective respirator that protects you from these harmful airborne pollutants!

Easy Flow is the World’s first, lightweight, comfortable, and most of all, discrete personal air filtration system for everyday mobile use.

If you’re already wearing a common respirator, just connect it to your new Easy Flow! Enjoy filtered air anywhere you go while eliminating virtually all the harmful particulate matter and germs from reaching your lungs.

Easy Flow’s positive air flow creates a dryer more effective mask that protects you! Our mission is simple, provide clean air, anywhere!

The Easy Flow can be purchased online at: The Easy Flow Fresh Air System. For large orders over 1,000 units, please contact the company directly as they offer large bulk order discounts at: 877-528-0702 or by email at: Orders@TheFloridaSanitizerGroup.com.

Also, with the uptick in Covid-19 cases surging, and with the mandate of facial coverings in almost every public setting, the demand for The Easy Flow Fresh Air System is at an all time high. Therefore, the company is looking for independent brokers and sales consultants to help manage the demand for this one of a kind product. If you are interested in becoming a sales consultant, please contact our offices at: 877-528-0702 to find out more information.

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