2021 Social Media Marketing Strategies – KPIs/Content Engagement Guide Released

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Scott Hall of digital growth and content marketing platform ScottHall.co has released a new guide to the most effective social media marketing strategies in 2021.

Digital Growth and Content Marketing Specialist Scott Hall has launched an industry guide to social media marketing. Titled “The Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2021”, the guide helps business owners keep up to date with the latest developments in a marketing channel that continues to experience a 10 percent year over year growth in active users.

More information can be found at https://scotthall.co/best-social-media-marketing-strategies

Business owners looking to leverage this increasingly important marketing channel can turn to the newly launched guide for foundational direction and strategic insights.

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The guide is divided into sections that form the cornerstones of effective planning. These sections include appropriate goal setting, choices in key performance indicators (KPIs), content direction, and the importance of a fluid approach to campaigns and other activities.

Above all, states the report, social media marketing activities must be rooted in goals that align with the company’s overall business model. Goals should always be reasonable, achievable, and measurable. Once the goals have been set, KPIs, content and all other tactics will naturally fall into place.

Goals to consider can include increases in brand awareness, sales and leads, fans and followers, community engagement and website traffic. When primary goals have been established, audience research follows.

Within today’s digital arena there are several data and analytics tools available that ensure target audience research is easy and accurate. A recent study revealed that of 250 business executives, 72 percent currently rely on social media as a source of data-driven decision making.

Once target audiences have been identified and their wants and needs are understood, the guide recommends setting meaningful KPIs. KPIs can include reach, clicks, engagement, hashtags, organic vs. paid likes, and sentiment analysis.

With the introduction of TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram Reels, audiences are consuming content in new ways. Most companies will create a content style guide to provide direction in this area, identifying brand-aligned font pairings, color palette and filter options, and voice. Platform-specific content that is consistent in structure keeps audiences entertained, prevents confusion, and crystallizes branding.

With the release of his recent guide, Scott Hall helps business owners provide their target audiences with innovative experiences that help build community and drive valuable long-term loyalty.

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