20/20 Institute Announces Its New Name: Elite LASIK & Cataract

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20/20 Institute is changing its name to Elite LASIK & Cataract as a sign of their redoubled commitment to exceptional patient care, doctors, technology, and clear vision.

20/20 Institute has been an Indianapolis leader in LASIK, cataract surgery, and other vision correction for over 14 years. As they approach their 15th year of serving the region, they’re also excited to announce that they are changing their name to Elite LASIK & Cataract: a name they feel better reflects their mission.

“For over a decade, our patients have been telling us how much they love their experiences with us,” said Elite LASIK & Cataract’s Clinical Director, Diana L. Fisher, R.N., O.D. “The 20/20 name was our way of saying that we were always pushing to bring you better, clearer vision. But what we’ve found our patients appreciate most — and deserve — is an all-around elite experience: the best technology, range of options, personalized care, and results. Our new name says that clearer than ever!”

Elite LASIK & Cataract built a name for itself for being able to deliver tailored surgeries for just about any vision correction need. Their range of procedures has played a large part in that, including LASIK, SMILE, PRK, KAMRA, RLE, and cataract surgery.

Just as important, however, has been their dedicated patient care and the work they’ve done to reach their communities. Elite LASIK & Cataract promises to continue to expand, offer competitive pricing and accept many insurances, and recommit to their ongoing work with local universities and charities.

“The name Elite LASIK & Cataract means that we’re even more of what we always wanted to be for you,” Dr. Fisher went on.” Our goal is to provide you with the best vision — and by changing our name, we’ve clarified our own vision so you can see exactly what you’ll get here: a truly elite experience!”

Elite LASIK & Cataract is accepting new patients and offers free virtual or in-office consultations.

About Elite LASIK & Cataract

Elite LASIK & Cataract the Indianapolis area’s premier provider of vision correction procedures. They offer a comprehensive surgical process, including free evaluations, pre-op care, personalized surgeries, and post-op care. Elite LASIK & Cataract prioritizes patient experience above all else, employing compassionate experts in eye care and adopting the latest technologies and procedures.

Learn more about Elite LASIK & Cataract at https://www.2020lasikindianapolis.com/.

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