2020 Best Glass Water Bottles Healthy Drinking Hydration Tips Report Released

Gear For Life released a report on the best glass water bottles for consumers looking for a healthier, more environmentally sustainable way to stay hydrated.

Gear For Life, a website specializing in high-quality outdoors and lifestyle products, released a new report on the 5 best glass water bottles. The report offers an overview of the health benefits of glass over plastic bottles, and provides 5 recommendations for readers interested in finding the best products from leading bottle manufacturers.

More details can be found at https://gearforlife.com/5-best-glass-water-bottles-to-keep-you-hydrated-through-2020.

The latest report has been designed as a practical consumer guide for individuals looking for a healthier way to stay hydrated.

According to the report, plastic water bottles leak toxins such as BPA, BPS, lead and cadmium. Though each bottle will leak only small amounts of these toxins, the long-term effect of exposure to these chemicals can be quite serious.

By contrast, glass water bottles leak no harmful chemicals, making the water healthier to drink compared to their plastic alternatives. Additionally, glass bottles do not have influence on the taste of the water.

The Gear for Life report has examined a wide range of commercially available glass water bottles to pick the top five best bottles in 2020.

The list includes the Ello Syndicate BPA-free water bottle, a versatile option available in ten color options. Its 20-ounce capacity and push-button opening feature make it ideal for a wide range of activities, including hiking and camping.

The report also recommends glass water bottles from Soma, Contigo, Takeya and Lifefactory.

“Each of these five best glass water bottles comes with distinctive features and characteristics”, explains the report. “Therefore, your needs and preferences should be the one to decide the winner in this exciting race. Even so, it is easy to see that glass containers offer a range of health benefits. If you splash the cash on one of these excellent glass water bottles, you will have something to keep you hydrated for years to come.”

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