1st Call Pest Control in Milton Keynes Launches More Branches in Buckinghamshire

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1st Call Pest Control are a friendly team of pest control technicians in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire. With over 25 years experience, they handle all residential and commercial pest control pest callouts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, incl. weekends and bank holidays.

1st Call Pest Control, a leading residential and commercial pest control company in Milton Keynes, is extending its range of services to the wider county of Buckinghamshire. Its main services include rat control (https://1stcallpestcontrol.com/rat-control/), mouse control, wasp nest removal, bird control, bed bug control and ant control. Hospitals, schools, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, cafes and residential properties form the majority of its customers.

This popular Milton Keynes pest control business has rightly gained recognition and appreciation from its clients for its customer-first approach, fast response times and the quality of its service which is backed by a six-month guarantee.

“Our customers appreciate our fast response times. Our pest controllers are typically at their property, attending to the issue within a couple of hours of receiving their call, depending on the time of day they reach out to us”, explains owner, Jay Davis. He enjoyed and gained valuable experience working for one of the well-known national pest control operators for nearly 10 years before deciding to strike out on his own.

1st Call Pest Control boasts a 99 percent success rate in eradicating pests at the first attempt which is great news for its customers who are typically distressed when they make the call about the presence of pests in their home. “We offer a proven two-step holistic approach to getting rid of pests. Firstly, our pest controllers painstakingly proof all pest entry points before applying the safest and most effective treatment to cure the problem. A lot of pest control companies lead with treatment. However, without implementing the first step, pests will always have ways to return to a property. Where required, we also make follow-up visits for up to three months after completion of treatment just to make sure all pests are completely eradicated.”, continues Jay.

It is no surprise that the company has proved such a success for both its preventative and reactive strategies for long term pest management. Jay is now looking to add to its workforce and expand to other areas of Buckinghamshire, which include Luton, Bedford, Amersham, Beaconsfield, Marlow, Aylesbury, Chesham, Burnham, Buckingham and High Wycombe. It did not look so rosy back in March 2020 when the UK went into its first full lockdown because of the global pandemic. Looking back, Jay recalls, “There was initially lack of clarity around the government’s advice with regards to whether we could continue to operate. I really wasn’t sure what implications the lockdown restrictions would hold for our staff with families to support and also for the future of the business.”

Fortunately for Jay and his team, pest controllers have been considered essential workers during the pandemic, which makes sense as pests are vectors of diseases that can pose grave health risks that can result in hospitalisation. In the end, unlike many businesses around the world that had to close their doors during this period, Jay and his competent pest control Milton Keynes team experienced the exact opposite. “The pest control business is quite seasonal, with winter and summer producing the most work. Our work with business clients, particularly in the hospitality sector dried up overnight. However, with more people spending more time at home during and post pandemic, the demand for our services has remained fairly stable, particularly in the residential sector.”, Jay admits. This stability in demand, the fact that the company operates within a recession-proof industry and the company’s flexible approach in servicing the wider area of Buckinghamshire, in addition to its catchment area of Milton Keynes, has enabled 1st Call Pest Control to not only weather the storm of the pandemic but thrive. “We adhered to all the government Covid-19 guidelines, kitted out our team with full PPE and handled emergencies from all over Buckinghamshire.”

Since the lifting of restrictions, Jay says that demand within the commercial sector has risen sharply and has restored to pre-pandemic levels. Unsurprising as undisturbed spaces provide the perfect harbourage for pests to run riot, proliferate and cause untold destruction that can be very expensive to remedy. A survey conducted by Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) for a major pest control operator uncovered that 70 percent of businesses across five countries experienced substantial financial losses during a pest infestation, and this was when their premises were not locked down as happened during the two lockdowns in the UK. “It is weird to say but the pandemic has been favourable to our business. We have grown revenue by 40 per cent”, admits Jay.

The success of the business during the pandemic has given Jay the opportunity and confidence to continue servicing all of Buckinghamshire and recruit the additional pest control personnel to handle the increased workload. “We plan to recruit five experienced pest control experts and take on a couple of apprentices through the government’s national apprenticeship service”, says Jay. 1st Call Pest Control will launch additional branches in Luton, Bedford, Aylesbury, Buckingham, High Wycombe, Marlow, Chesham, Beaconsfield, Burnham and Amersham. Without taking into account the businesses that trade in these areas, that is potentially serving over 500,000 residential customers.

To contact 1st Call Pest Control, visit their website at https://1stcallpestcontrol.com/

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