1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Celebrates 50 Years 1968 to 2018

‘Meep, Meep’ for the Plymouth, the legendary super car of history that completes 50 glorious years in 2018. Quarter Mile Addiction has released a tribute Premium Fit T-Shirt for men & women.

‘Meep, Meep’ for the Plymouth, the legendary super car of history that completes 50 glorious years in 2018. To honor the 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner, Quarter Mile Addiction has released a special tribute in the form of Premium Fit T-Shirt for men and women.

Drag car races took America by storm, and no wonder the speed, agility and sheer power went upwards. So much so that by 1968, muscle cars had not only gone mainstream, but evolved further with expensive special engines. The youth thus looked out for something cheaper, yet equally special. A mid-size car, Plymouth Roadrunner was the gift they were waiting for.

It has been called ‘brazenly pure’, ‘non-compromising’ and a super car. The Plymouth Roadrunner featured a no-frills big B body, and was meant for the younger generation to enjoy a race car that was inexpensive. Roadrunner quickly shot to fame with sales exceeding expectations. The addition of the Roadrunner cartoon, with Plymouth paying a good amount to Warner Bros, and induction of Wile E Coyote for advertising, added to the excitement. The ‘Meep, Meep’ horn itself was specially invented and had costed thousands. In 1968 itself, the Roadrunner sold 45,000 models.

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