19-Year-Old Online Marketer Reveals His YouTube Monetization Strategy

Wowzzzers new training on "How to build a YouTube channel in a profitable niche" provides free information for all who are interested in video marketing and looking to improve their skills.

Many know a lot about creating videos and creating channels. Few know how to optimize their channel so that You Tube and Google notices it. If you are a Stay at home parent who wants to work from home or looking for a home business opportunity the YouTube Mastery and Monetization Course may be for you. If you are a veteran in transition or a senior who needs a side income for retirement you will probably be interested in the monetization part of this course. But business owners who are looking to expand online or college students,who are looking for a side-hustle should also take a look. Anyone who knows that YouTube is the place to be and wants to learn from a young guy who is recognized by YouTube to be very good at monetization should register for the free training. Wowzzzers is offering a free Free video training with Matt Par. The training will be held online and will take 1 hour.

For full details, interested parties are encouraged to view the website at https://provenmoneymakers.com/youtubemonetization/home.

Areas of “How to build a YouTube channel in a profitable niche” that will be covered include:

Build a profitable YouTube channel with 100K subscribers – With so much information available, we know so much about everything, but we never focus on the how to make money with it. Those that succeed online have understood that the “Mentor” (like Matt Par) has already made all the mistakes and done the research. Successful people simply “clone” what Matt has done to build a 100K subscriber list.

How to research to find a profitable niche – YouTube Mastery and Monetization is a step-by-step course that makes video creation and monetization easy. One of the main things is to learn where to focus your efforts. So finding the profitable niche is the first step in being able to earn income online.

How to Build income producing properties – You will learn how to monetize your channel(s) with YouTube Mastery and Monetization. But mastering the creation and optimization part is a skill can also help you find a job (or keep your job), And is also very useful to get paid by local businesses who are starting to understand the power in marketing by video. Let your YouTube channels support your new digital nomad lifestyle with the money and enough time to enjoy it. And of course you can run your business from anywhere while travelling as long as you have an Internet connection. (location freedom)

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to provide free training on such an in-demand topic, Matt Par, YouTube marketer said

he created a course that allowed others to apply his tactics and create income. After getting good results with his testing he is making this You Tube Mastery and Monetization course available to others so they have the option not to settle for a regular job.

All who want to earn income online and are interested in YouTube and video marketing, can find the most up-to-date information about the free training at https://provenmoneymakers.com/youtubemonetization/home. Customers who have specific questions about the training itself may contact Wowzzzers.com LLC via their website.

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