1800WheelChair’s Lightweight Wheelchair Is Now Lightest Wheelchair In The World

1800WheelChair announced the availability of their Lightweight Wheelchair "Feather Chair" is now available on its website. More information can be found at https://www.1800wheelchair.com/product/featherweight-wheelchair/.

1800WheelChair announced that customers looking to buy their next Lightweight Wheelchair are now able to purchase their own Feather Chair from its website.

The Feather Chair release marks 1800WheelChair’s first release in their product line. Everyone within the business was excited when the product launched, 1800WheelChair employees feel that “this is only the beginning of the lightweight product line and is looking into the future to continue to develop lightweight, affordable, and beautiful mobility solutions for its customers. .”

Joseph Piekarski, Founder, and CEO at 1800WheelChair, when asked about the inspiration for the Feather Chair said:

“I realized that wheelchairs are ugly, bulky, and heavy making it super difficult to lift a wheelchair into a car. So we decided to create a brand of mobility product for seniors that are beautiful, compact, and super light, starting with the world’s lightest wheelchair so that our customers can travel anywhere!….as the senior population is getting larger it’s important that they stay active, we need to provide products to help them stay in the game…The Feather Chair is easy for anyone to lift into a car and transport, weighing only 13lbs”

The Feather Chair has been developed with mobility in mind, whether elderly or disabled, the Feather Chair is designed to get to your destinations the lightest way possible.

For example, it features “Ulta-Lightweight Materials”. Joseph Piekarski said “This was important because makes the Feather Chair the lightest wheelchair in the world, allowing practically everyone can lift this wheelchair into your car, truck, or SUV. and is super easy to propel and push. This will be great news for our buyers because it increases the ease of travel and makes moving the wheelchair between destinations easier..”

Feather Chair will also have seat and back cushions. This was included because to provide comfortable and back support. Consumers should be pleased with this since makes it more comfortable than standard transport wheelchairs on the market.

One final piece of information being released states that the new Lightweight Wheelchair will also have customizable colors & accessories – 1800WheelChair decided this was critical to the final product because make the wheelchair more personalized and provided additional comfort with add on options. Customers should enjoy this particularly, as customers are able to select from 3 different color options and select from multiple different upgrade options, such as drink holders, quick release wheels, anti-tippers, and more.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at https://www.1800wheelchair.com/

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.1800wheelchair.com/product/featherweight-wheelchair/

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