18 Inch Boy Dolls Share The Enthusiasm Of Young Tennis Lovers

18 inch boy dolls are fun and educational tennis themed toys created by LorettaRose, LLC. My Pal for Tennis teaches children about tennis and encourages them to get out and play.

LorettaRose, LLC has introduced a new 18 inch boy doll character that will form part of its My Pal line. The new character, My Pal for Tennis, is outfitted in a white and light blue tennis outfit inspired by attire worn by the world’s top tennis players. My Pal for Tennis sports sleek shorts and a t-shirt, white tennis sneakers with laces, and a white headband. To complete its tennis look, the doll also comes with a doll sized tennis racquet and tennis ball. In addition to tennis gear, My Pal for Tennis comes with an educational booklet that teaches children about the sport of tennis and provides space for them to write their own tennis stories, experiences, or ideas.

Just like all the other characters in the My Sibling and My Pal lines of 18 inch boy dolls created by LorettaRose, LLC, My Pal for Tennis is meant to teach children about an important theme through play. The founders strongly believe that engaging children in sports and encouraging them to have a passion for athletics can have a wide range of physical, intellectual, and social benefits. They were specifically inspired to create an 18 inch boy doll for tennis because they believe it is the ideal sport to teach children not only athletic skills, but also etiquette, self discipline, mental toughness, and social skills. Tennis is a sport that can be played throughout an entire lifetime, serve as a social gathering, and promote a healthy lifestyle, and LorettaRose, LLC hopes to inspire as many young kids as possible to build a passion for the great sport.

For more information please visit: https://shop.mysiblingdolls.com/collections/boy-dolls/products/18-boy-doll-my-pal-for-tennis

Aside from selling dolls with a special message, LorettaRose, LLC is also committed to providing stimulating work opportunities to adults with autism and other life-long disabilities. They are achieving this goal by contracting a local sheltered workshop to groom, outfit and package all dolls from the My Sibling and My Pal collections. The adults with autism that work in this sheltered workshop are also being given opportunities to gain more skills and responsibilities, such as printing booklets and cutting and styling doll hair. As LorettaRose, LLC continues to grow, the founders’ long term goal is to be able to employ adults with autism directly, and offer as many job opportunities to individuals on the autism spectrum as possible.


LorettaRose, LLC is a family owned company which has two brand names, My Sibling and My Pal, and aims to fulfill the demand for 18 inch boy dolls. Their focus is on teaching children, through the educational theme booklets that come with each doll, to care for their peers and their environment, so they learn while playing and having fun.

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