18 Inch Boy Dolls Make Autism Awareness Activities Fun for Kids in April

18 inch boy dolls are fun and educational Autism Awareness toys created by LorettaRose, LLC. My Sibling and My Pal dolls teach children to be accepting of their peers with autism during April and all year long.

LorettaRose, LLC has announced they will participate in many Autism Awareness Month activities during April. They will begin with a sale of 10% off all dolls in its online store on March 29th which will continue through the entire month of April. In addition, on April 2nd the company will join the rest of the world in celebration of World Autism Day, by offering a free Autism Awareness bracelet with every doll purchase made. At LorettaRose, LLC advocating for people with autism has never been limited to just one day, or even one month, but rather it is the very cause that the company was founded on.

Their 18 inch boy dolls of the original My Sibling collection are outfitted with symbolic puzzle print accessories and come with booklets that tell stories about what everyday life is like when a child has a sibling with autism. The purpose of these dolls is to teach children at a young age to be understanding and respectful of their peers who may learn and grow differently. Also available for sale, from the company’s newest collection called My Pal, is the 18 inch boy doll My Pal for Autism Awareness, which is dressed with Autism Awareness accessories and comes with a booklet that teaches children about how to advocate for their peers with autism.

Aside from selling dolls with a special message, LorettaRose, LLC is also committed to providing stimulating work opportunities to adults with autism and other life-long disabilities. They are achieving this goal by contracting a local sheltered workshop to groom, outfit and package all dolls from the My Sibling and My Pal collections. The adults with autism that work in this sheltered workshop are also being given opportunities to gain more skills and responsibilities, such as printing booklets and cutting and styling doll hair. As LorettaRose, LLC continues to grow, the founders’ long term goal is to be able to employ adults with autism directly, and offer as many job opportunities to individuals on the autism spectrum as possible.


For more information please visit: https://shop.mysiblingdolls.com/collections/autism-awareness-items

LorettaRose, LLC is a family owned company which has two brand names, My Sibling and My Pal, and aims to fulfill the demand for 18 inch boy dolls. Their focus is on teaching children, through the educational theme booklets that come with each doll, to care for their peers and their environment, so they learn while playing and having fun.

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