18 Inch Boy Dolls Arrive For First Eucharist Celebrations For Catholic Children

18 inch boy dolls, dressed in suits for Catholic First Eucharist celebrations, have been launched by LorettaRose, LLC. My Pal Dolls are diverse in appearance and fulfill a need in the marketplace for boy dolls that are educational and focused on special occasions.

LorettaRose, LLC has announced the seasonal arrival of their handsome 18 inch boy dolls outfitted in suits. The springtime sacrament of First Eucharist is very special to Catholic boys and girls who are in the 7-8 year age group, so it is the perfect time for them to receive a My Pal for First Eucharist doll to commemorate their experience. Seven different choices of hair, skin and eye color combinations provide a diverse representation of children.

For more information please visit: https://shop.mysiblingdolls.com/collections/boy-dolls/products/18-inch-boy-doll-my-pal-for-first-eucharist

LorettaRose, LLC is a family owned company which has two brand names, My Sibling and My Pal, and aims to fulfill the demand for 18 inch boy dolls. Their focus is on teaching children, through the educational theme booklets that come with each doll, to care for their peers and their environment, so they learn while playing and having fun.

In the My Pal for First Eucharist doll booklet children can write a story about preparing for the sacrament and all the experiences they had on their special day. Then, looking back when they are grown, they may treasure the story they wrote, because it will help them to remember all the blessings of the occasion. The booklet also includes two pages of prayers that children usually learn when they are of age to make their First Communion. Loretta Boronat, founder of LorettaRose, LLC was a religious education teacher for 18 years, and was inspired to share her Catholic faith on a larger scale by creating this doll character with a keepsake booklet.

Whether children are Christian or not, these handsome 18 inch boy dolls, dressed in stylish suits, can be lots of fun! With them, boys and girls can pretend to be dressing up for any special occasion, and writing about that in the accompanying booklet. The outfit includes a jacket, pants, shirt, and tie, all made in the United States of America. The shoes and socks are imported.

LorettaRose, LLC is committed to providing contract work opportunities to adults with disabilities in a local sheltered workshop. The staff at LorettaRose, LLC hopes that as the word spreads throughout social media, people will be inspired to learn more about their mission and products.

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