16 Volunteers Raised $25,000+ in 21 Days to Combat Stigma Surrounding Addiction

16 Volunteers Raised More than $25,000 in 21 Days to Combat Stigma Surrounding Addiction. “No one should feel shame when seeking help,” said Amber Bruse, community service co-captain.

16 Volunteers Raised More than $25,000 in 21 Days to Combat Stigma Surrounding Addiction

Norwalk, CT – 16 adults, ranging from 21-72, put together a spontaneous fundraising campaign to support those who suffer from substance use disorder and to educate and end the stigma of addiction. Having only come together one month prior, the fifth virtual leadership class of Ascension Leadership Academy set out to raise funds for the national non-profit, Shatterproof, an organization aimed at reversing the addiction crisis in America. Within the allotted 21 days the team of 16 leaders raised over $25,000.

“Through our leadership curriculum, we learned that a small group of 16 people can make a difference for others in a very short period of time. Plus, we learned how to stretch ourselves far beyond what we thought was even possible!” said Dani Apgar, community service co-captain.

“No one should feel shame when seeking help,” said Amber Bruse, community service co-captain, “Each of us knows someone we love or are personally affected ourselves by substance use disorder. More than 20 million Americans suffer from addiction. We knew something needed to be done to fight against the only criminalized disease in America.”

Along with supporting Shatterproof in fundraising, volunteers:

· Collected 44 pledges for an “End the Stigma” awareness campaign in the past seven days.

· Recorded social media videos to educate the public on how words used around addiction can lead those struggling to not seek treatment, but rather by using empowering language, which does not cause accusation and shame, people may seek treatment.

· Crafted a viral video trend asking people to take a pledge to change the way they speak about addiction, such as saying “someone with substance use disorder” instead of addict, druggie, user, or junkie.

· Published two blogs to raise awareness for Shatterproof on LensOfLoveLife.com.

· Co-hosted a segment on 105.1 FM The Bone speaking about awareness around the “End the Stigma” pledge campaign

· Pitched and produced an 11-minute segment that aired on Univision. United States’ largest provider of Spanish-language content.

· Put together a fundraising event on Nov. 4th that included a performance by comedian Lukas Seeley, an auction with vacation packages, original artwork, jewelry, & more! This event was attended by 46 generous donors & led to additional people taking the pledge.

“We are so grateful that this Ascension Leadership Academy class chose Shatterproof to provide national awareness of substance use disorder and the stigma surrounding it,” said Gary Mendell, founder and CEO of Shatterproof. “The tenacity and generosity has been nothing short of inspirational. This team has made an impressive impact in such a short amount of time. We are honored to be given this unexpected gift from these nationwide community leaders.”

For more information on the pledge campaign, visit alaeq.com/end-the-stigma

For more information on the Shatterproof, visit shatterproof.org

About Ascension Leadership Academy: A transformational leadership training organization. Since opening its doors in 2016, leadership classes have volunteered to act as catalysts for various non-profits, raising over $2M collectively. Drawing on theories from psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, sociology, and organizational development, these innovative trainings are proven to make substantial and sustainable improvements within a graduates’ personal and professional life.


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