12 Week Mastery Review Of Product Launch Set For June 22

The 12 Week Master Review provides explanations about the benefits of Brian Moran's program planned for 22-June-2016. The program is built upon the principles of “The 12 Week Year”.

12 Week Mastery review is a website devoted to explanations of the 12 Week Mastery program, due for launch on June 22. Brian P. Moran, Todd Brown and Tom Beal are the creators of the program, based on the book “The 12 Week Year”. Brian Moran, New York Times bestselling author is a well-respected public speaker and entrepreneur, as well as a high ranking corporate executive. Tom Beal and Todd Brown collaborated in the program and they are renowned marketing experts. The program is built on the concept of planning in twelve-week blocks of time, rather than for a year at a time.

Speaking in a recent interview, Brian Moran explained, “My own experience has served as a basis for the program. I have found that planning for twelve weeks at a time allows you to be more in control. It is difficult to predict what will be happening in ten to twelve months. Planning for twelve weeks is a more realistic stretch of time for which to plan and predict.”

In addition to a copy of the book “The 12 Week Year” by Brian Moran, participants in the program receive live webinar training, conducted by Moran and Michael Lennington. There are thirteen weekly seminars. The training sessions include the opportunity for question-and-answer time. The webinar training helps to transform procrastinators into productive people who know how to get things done. The program creators send educational videos and emails which are packed with ideas. Exciting bonus items are included in the program.

Participants in the program receive two tickets to a live event, later in 2016, to be held in West Palm Beach Florida. Those who wish, may take part in an optional challenge to keep the activities and purpose strong. The participants in program are also able to be part of a community of peers who meet online.

Learn more about the program by checking out the reviews and the bonus information at http://12weekmasteryreviews.org/ and http://12weekmasterybonus.net/

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