1100 pounds per square inch water moisture vapor barrier with Zero Failures.

Epoxy.LA announced the availability of their great service with a great new decorative epoxy & Polyaspartic floor finish systems by InduraFloor, as developed by AYP Nano Solutions.

Customers looking for the latest decorative epoxy & polyaspartic floor finish systems will soon be able to purchase InduraFloor’s exclusive “Deco Flake/Color base epoxy primer 1100 polyaspartic topcoat finishing system” by Epoxy.LA. Today Matt Sawyer, President & CEO Epoxy.LA at Epoxy.LA releases details of InduraFloor’s exclusive “Deco Flake/Color base epoxy primer 1100 polyaspartic topcoat finishing system”‘s development.

InduraFloor’s exclusive “Deco Flake/Color base epoxy primer 1100 polyaspartic topcoat finishing system” is designed to appeal specifically to home owners, small business owners, commercial restaurants, grocery stores, home renovation contractors, new home builders, construction managers and includes:

“Deco Flake/Color base epoxy primer 1100” and “PREMIUM POLYASPARTIC FINISHING TOPCOAT COLORED OR CLEAR” by InduraFloor for any and surface that has a need for new finishes/ Garage floor floor Flake chip system /and solid color /& metallic designer finishing system. – This feature was included because This system from InduraFloor that was developed by AYP Nano Solutions inc. was previously only available to industrial and commercial sectors however has been made exclusively available to Epoxy.LA to offer to our consumer clientele. https://www.indurafloor.com/decoflakecolor We now ONLY install the top finishing coat with the InduraFloor Premium Polyaspartic Top Coat as we want to make sure our clients have the best looking, strongest bonding, and most durable finish on their new finished floor system ensuring it will last as long as the house its in. https://www.indurafloor.com/patc . This is great news for the consumer as The InduraFloor system has 1100 pounds per square inch standard guaranteed of adhesion strength and water vapor moisture resistance and has tested as high as 1500 up to 2200 psi on record. The leading competitors only have 25psi for water conditions, and 300psi at best for all other slab subsurface conditions. It guarantees a strong bond to the subsurface which ensures there will be no failures during the curing process. Video here: https://www.indurafloor.com/our-technology.

Epoxy.LA offering Premium service without the premium pricing. – This was made part of the product, since A new lineup of unique products that are exclusive to Epoxy.LA and are japanese engineered but made here in the US. and expanded services making finishes available to consumers where there was not a system that would work before. . Customers who buy InduraFloor’s exclusive “Deco Flake/Color base epoxy primer 1100 polyaspartic topcoat finishing system” should enjoy this feature because All of the new products are NO VOC, 100% solids with no solvents in the base product, and non-toxic So all of our work is safe and clean. At Epoxy.LA we pride ourselves in doing the best job that ANYONE could do, not just what we can do today. We took the liberty and spent the time and searched for a new product that could help with the water conditions that are plaguing our clients causing failures and leaving projects that we have to reject the work leaving home owners stuck without a solution. We where looking for a product that would succeed where all other have failed and we have found that with InduraFoor Products that are developed by AYP. We have trained with AYP and IndurafFloor and further developed our knowledge base and skills as well as learned new teqniques and methods that make our installations cleaner, with better finishes and a longger lasting finish product. We pride ourselves in our work, so we didnt want to just better the product, we looked to better ourselves as well. become certified in thier full line and we have even signed on in a joint venture in developing these awsome products further by way of taking on a major part of the R&D work AYP was looking to accomplish. We have worked side by side over the course of the last year taking advantage of the slower days with COVID, and worked to develop a product that is by far unprecedented, unbeatable, and we can recommend it and can comfortably guarantee it as the manufacturer adamantly stands behind there claim of “ZERO FAILURES” http:epoxy.la/.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at http://epoxy.la/

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.indurafloor.com/solutions

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