1031 Direct Exchange DST Investment – Managed Property Real Estate Launched

Money Mall USA has launched a 1031 Exchange DST initiative for accredited investors to take fractional ownership in NNN properties. The investment offers significant capital gains tax savings and recapture of depreciation.

MoneyMallUSA Corporation has launched a tax-efficient, real estate investment for investors. The 1031 Exchange DST income properties are only suitable investments for formally accredited investors.

More information is available at https://www.mymoneymall.com/real-estate-accredited-investors-welcome

MoneyMallUSA does have opportunities available for all buyers and sellers that are looking to make investments in real estate, but has launched the 1031 Exchange DST income properties initiative for only accredited investors – sophisticated investors that meet at least one SEC requirement for net worth, income, asset size, or professional experience.

A 1031 DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) is a way to invest in NNN (Triple Net Worth) retail or office properties. Usually, NNN means a building with a tenant that is responsible for property taxes, insurance, and building maintenance costs.

The 1031 DST can be a fractional investment and will usually qualify as a ‘like kind’ exchange property pursuant to IRS code 2004-86. Essentially, structured and managed correctly, it will allow a property investor to defer capital gains tax from the sale of a rental property if the sale proceeds are reinvested into a real estate portfolio. For a full explanation, call Sid Jain, Money Mall USA on 408-836-3858.

Delaware Statutory Trust investments usually require a minimum $100,000 investment from accredited investors with a net worth in excess of $1m. They are available to cash investors that meet the criteria, as well as real estate investors who have sold and are holding cash for reinvestment, or are seeking 1031 exchanges.

Investment groups or entities can also participate in the initiative but minimum investments are set at $1m and net worth for Investment Entities is set at $5m.

The 1031 Exchange DST income properties are appealing to investors since NNN properties require little or no active management time, allowing investors to receive a monthly income without the concerns and time commitments that are usually associated with being a landlord.

An additional attraction of the initiative is the concept of fractional ownership that permits investors to diversify their holdings between retail, industrial, office, and residential properties, while also spreading risk by investing in different parts of the USA.

A spokesperson for MoneyMallUSA said: “Using the 1031 Exchange DST system means an investor can usually repeat these tax-favored investments into income-producing real estate. Also, under the current IRS rules for inheritance tax, investors can potentially save their heirs considerable sums.”

Further information can be found at https://www.mymoneymall.com/real-estate-accredited-investors-welcome

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