100K Shout Out Price Demo & Bonus 6-Figure Online Business Model Training Course

100K Shout Out by Chris Munch is a live training course that teaches students how to get omnipresence in their niche and industry by creating multichannel marketing shoutout campaigns. Students are given access to a content amplification engine, AmpiFire to run their campaigns on autopilot.

Chris Munch announced the launch of 100K Shout Out, an in-depth online training course that reveals an underground approach to a 6-figure business model and a powerful all-in-one content amplification platform, AmpiFire. This proven system can be used to drive buyers, traffic and profits.

Interested parties can learn more and enroll at https://ampifire.com

Chris Munch’s new course teaches users how they can create and run omnipresent digital marketing campaigns and hit $3,000/mo within 90 days. It is a 6-week course comprised of live training sessions with valuable practical lessons, proven traffic generation strategies, and real-life case studies.

100K Shout Out reveals a reliable and consistent path to building a 6-figure business and making money in a passive manner.

This in-depth live training course has been in development for years and is based on Chris Munch’s 10+ years of experience and tested practices of generating traffic, leads, and sales.

100K Shout Out is perfect for beginners with no special experience who want to start a sustainable and scalable business. It can be also beneficial to people with some business and marketing background who are looking for alternative bullet-proof systems of generating steady income streams.

Students will discover a unique advanced content amplification method that will allow them to get to 6-figures in annual recurring profits. This incredible method can be used to drive traffic to eCommerce products, affiliate & CPA offers, digital & learning products and more.

It can be automated with the latest 8-figure technology, the first of its kind content amplification engine AmpiFire. The software makes it easier for users to stack multiple $1,000 per month payments for their campaigns.

AmpiFire is a web-based software app that offers done-for-you marketing. It is a powerful marketing solutions that helps the100K Shout Out students to run omnipresent marketing campaigns on autopilot.

New 100K Shout Out students are given complimentary access to the AmpiFire platform so that they can amplify their efforts and get more exposure and buyer traffic online. At the heart of AmpiFire is the “Omnipresence” campaign that takes the user’s online business and expands its presence on the web by creating, repurposing, publishing, distributing and syndicating content.

AmpiFire creates and publishes posts on high-authority media sites and Google News, articles on popular blogs, high-quality videos on YouTube and Vimeo, professional presentations on SlideShare, and audio clips on BuzzSprout and PodBean.

Chris Munch shares many powerful getting paid strategies. He demonstrates the power of his method with real examples of students who make $2,079 + per week or more in profit.

Munch teaches users how to get the biggest results for minimum effort and how to make $100,000 + / year by getting buyer traffic to their offers or those of their clients. He also trains them on how to discover the best niches and industries to target for biggest profits.

The launch of 100K Shout Out is scheduled for August 20, 2019.

Find more information about the never-before-seen platform AmpiFire that can do all the marketing work and allows users to run omnipresent marketing campaigns on autopilot at https://ampifire.com.

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