#1 Sexologist for Women of Faith Announces Upcoming Book “23 Things Single Women Should Ask a Man Before Giving Him Sex”.

Book offers practical solutions for being Sexually Responsible as a Single Woman of Faith.

Octavia E Vance, Known as OEV on social media, is a woman destined to liberate many from sexual frustration and (religious) sexual repression. The Sexologist is proud to announce the upcoming launch of her book that will provide practical solutions to single women who want to embrace their sexuality but also be sexually responsible as women of faith.

Known as the Harriet Tubman of your sex life, OEV has been leading women of faith from sexual frustration to sexual liberation through her private mentorship program, workshops, videos and live streams for a decade. She does this by teaching ladies the EOP Method (Embrace, Own and Protect) to their sexuality which means women of faith should embrace, own and protect their sexuality in order to overcome the guilt, shame and condemnation that’s associated with being a sexual being in religious circles and create the ‘Ships n Sex life of their dreams without compromising their faith.

Through her mentorship programs, podcasts, and other outlets, OEV has been able to reach over 150k women and teach them how to have sexual success while single and married. Hundreds of comments and testimonials on social media, email, and her platforms can attest to this and that more people out there need to hear her message.

And that brings us to the purpose of this book which is to create an additional avenue to pass out this necessary message to thousands and even millions of women of faith around the world.

The book contains very detailed information about the act of sex as a single woman who loves God but is struggling with celibacy, abstinence and not having a husband to express her sexuality with freely. OEV breaks down things to ask a man before ever giving him sex which ultimately liberates single women into being in control of their sexuality and the sex they may give the men in their lives.

Octavia E Vance has been married for seventeen years with 5 children and 5 books authored. She’s a certified Sexologist and Life Coach who hosts a weekly Sex4Ladies show on Clubhouse, sex tips on TikTok and paid membership on OnlyFans while speaking at countless workshops and seminars.

For more information, please visit https://octaviaevance.com/ or you can text her at 214-466-1438.

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