#1 Rated Play Food For Pretend Kitchens Stresses Importance of Safety For Kids

Mommy Please, maker of the #1 rated play food for pretend kitchens, issued a statement this week which detailed the importance of safety in products for children.

Mommy Please, the maker of the #1 selling play food set for pretend kitchens on Amazon.com, has taken time, and care in the production of the popular 125 piece play food set to ensure the safety of children.

BPA (bisphenol-A) is a chemical used to make many resins and plastics. When heated, this chemical can become toxic. Mommy Please took great care to ensure the plastic used in the production of the play food set contains no BPA. “These children are the future,” stated Elsie Murphy, company spokesman. “We want nothing other than to help educate them, keep them happy and healthy, and watch them grow. Knowing that many children may be teething or placing the toys in their mouths, Mommy Please understood the importance of a BPA-free plastic for their play food.”

The Mommy Please play food set is not only safe from chemical but also educational. The toy food set provides children with a wide variety of grains, berries, fruits, and vegetables to help children form a better understanding of healthy food choices. With food from all four food groups, they play food set contains such items as ears of corn, apples, watermelon, play canned foods labeled organic, six-slice pizza, bananas, French fries, crackers, lemon, grapes and much more.

300 customers have written reviews of the Mommy Please play food set on Amazon.com, with 97% of customers writing they like their product. One five-star reviewer wrote “This set is awesome! So much variety and quality is too notch, especially compared to other products I seen. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the market for play kitchen accessories. I know my daughter will get years of use out of this set!”

The Mommy Please play food set is sold exclusively on Amazon.com, for the price of $23.97. All orders over $49 are shipped for free. Children are guaranteed to enjoy the Mommy Please play food sets, or customers can return the product for a full refund.

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